LG Chem's New High Voltage Batteries Now Compatible With SolarEdge StorEdge

SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. (SolarEdge), a provider of PV inverters, power optimizers, and module-level monitoring services, and LG Chem Ltd (LG Chem) announced the compatibility of SolarEdge’s StorEdge solutions and LG Chem’s new high voltage R.. more

SolarMax Introduces All-in-One Energy Storage System to US Market

While some of the industry’s largest solar companies have generated years of buzz over the promise of battery back-up power for the home, SolarMax Technology has become the first to develop and deliver an integrated, all-in-one-solution – all under one roof. The .. more

Tesla May Purchase EV-use Li-ion Batteries from Samsung SDI

Most of Tesla’s EV-use lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries are supplied by Panasonic. However, it is reported that Tesla may expand its supplier pool and will purchase batteries from Samsung SDI. According to Nikkei (Chinese Version)&.. more

COMPUTEX 2016, FSP Group Showcases Eco Solutions

As a wide range power solution provider, FSP Group showcases their latest wares at Computex 2016, including the Dagger series of SFX power supplies and the Twins Series of ATX power supplies.  FSP has also entered into the energ.. more

GE Ventures Backs Residential Lithium Storage System Provider sonnen

GE Ventures joins sonnen's mission to form the utility of the future. The venture arm of one of the world's largest technology companies becomes an investor of sonnen Group, Europe's largest manufacturer of residential lithium storage systems and operator of Eu.. more

FSP’s Leading Position in Global Energy Storage Market

FSP Group, a major manufacturer of power supply solutions, is in position to lead the energy storage market with its resources and experiences. “We are a power supply company and we make just about anything to do with power.” said by .. more

Energy storage is the backbone of networked energy generation

ees Europe highlights the potential of virtual power plants The future belongs to smart networks of decentralized energy generation plants: Energy consumption and generation in households, commercial enterprises and industry will only be balanced in the future, preferably at .. more