Boston-Power’s Highest Energy Density Battery Powers Saab 9-3 ePower

Boston-Power, Inc.’s game-changing lithium-ion battery technology is a highlight of the all-electric 9-3 ePower Saab is showcasing today at the European Motor Show Brussels. Saab is hosting a luncheon and press conference at the event spotlighting the ePower a.. more

Investing in Li-Battery (7) – Summary of Global Manufacturers of Li Batteries for EVs

EnergyTrend, a market research institute, compiled a table of leading global manufacturers that run business in the field of batteries for EVs. Comapny Location Listed On symbol Remarks E-One .. more

BergÉ and BYD Join Forces to Market Battery Energy Accumulation Systems

The presidents of Bergé y Cía. and Build your Dreams (BYD) have signed an agreement in the Chinese city of Shenzhen to cooperate in the commercialisation of BYD energy storage systems for batteries in Spain. Apart from cooperating with BYD to ma.. more

Investing in Li-Battery (6) – Value Chain Mid, Downstream – Cell & Pack

There are currently more than twenty companies globally manufacturing lithium-ion batteries used for mobility. Within Japan only, there are more than ten companies include Toshiba, Hitachi, NEC, GS Yuasa, Toyota, and Panasonic EV Energy. American companies includ.. more

Lithium Battery in Consumer Product Application

The growth of consumer electronic products in 2010 has accelerated the growth of batteries cells at the same time. According to EnergyTrend, prices of low capacity batteries will reach the bottom in 2011 and Japanese manufacturers are gradually inclined to downstream packagi.. more

Hitachi and Johnson Controls Announce Plans to Collaborate on Advanced Energy Storage

Hitachi, Ltd. and Johnson Controls, Inc. announced they have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together on several fronts in the field of advanced energy storage. The collaboration agreement between the two companies reflects their long-term vision and commitm.. more

Investing in Li-Battery (5) – Value Chain Upstream– Separator

Separator is an important part of lithium-ion battery and its main function is to prevent electrical malfunction. The quality of the separator determines the battery’s capacity, cycle life span, and safety. It makes up 30% of the total manufacturing costs of a battery pa.. more



Mono-Si Prices in December Have Become Stable; Multi-Si Orders to Continue until January: Price Trend

This week, the focus of the market was on the change of the mono-si supply chain. Due to the rapid decline of mono-si price, the demand of.. more...


The New Phase of Top Runner Program Favors Companies Already Dominant in Application Bases and N-Type Solutions in Technology Bases

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has recently released the official list of proposed projects under the Top Runne.. more...

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