The Latest Generation Think City – Now With 2+2 Seating

The latest generation THINK City is now available for the first time with four seats, and goes on sale across Europe this month. Powered by lithium-ion battery technology from award-winning battery maker Ener1 in the US, and now with air-conditioning as standar.. more

Polarized Development in Lithium battery in 2011: Joys for Polymer Battery, Concerns for Cylindrical

  Polarized Development in Lithium battery in 2011: Joys for Polymer Battery, Concerns for Cylindrical Battery   According to EnergyTrend, a research division under TrendForce, in terms of outlook for 2011, worldwide development of consumer .. more

Investing in Li-Battery (4) – Value Chain Upstream – Electrolyte

Electrolyte, which accounts for approximately 12% of total manufacturing costs, is one of the most important materials that influence the quality of Lithium batteries. Electrolyte mainly comprises LiPF6, which is extremely difficult to produce. Large multinational companie.. more

Investing in Li-Battery (3) – Value Chain Upstream – Cathode Materials

Amongst various materials available on the market, lithium iron phosphate (LiMPO4) is the best applicable material for automobile use. However, the patent pertaining to the application of lithium iron phosphate is in the hands of a professor at the University of Texas, D.. more

Key Technical Criteria of Mobility Batteries

By definition, mobility batteries have higher storage volume and higher power output that are both essential to provide continuous drive power to an automobile. To better assess the compatibility of mobility batteries, there are a number of key technical criteria as follows: P.. more

With Its New VARTA Start-Stop Batteries, Johnson Controls is ready for a New Era in Battery Technology

Under its VARTA brand, Johnson Controls Power Solutions EMEA has developed AGM and EFB batteries that can meet the demands of eco-friendly Start-Stop vehicle technology: the VARTA Start-Stop Plusand VARTA Start-Stop batteries are now ready .. more

MHI Completes Construction of Commercial Production Verification Plant for Lithium-ion Secondary Batteries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has completed the construction of a commercial production verification plant for lithium-ion secondary batteries at its Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works. The plant has a production capacity of 66 MWh (megawatt hours).. more