Mono-Si and Multi-Si Prices Have Been Locked in a Seesaw Struggle, Entire Price in Supply Chain Drops 2017-11-16
Price Battle to Start between Mono-Si and Multi-Si PV Cells; Impact on the Downstream Market will Need Two to Four Weeks 2017-11-09
War between Mono-Si and Multi-Si Price Is About to Start: Price Trend 2017-11-02
High Efficiency Products Compete Severely, Mono-Si PERC PV Cell Price Starts to Decline 2017-10-26
PV Cell Price Experiences Major Change under Unstable Market Conditions 2017-10-19
Prices Remained Flat during Holidays, Taiwanese Capacity Is in A Weak Position: Price Trend 2017-10-13
Prices Remain the Same during Holiday, Trade War May be Underway 2017-10-05
The First Ruling on Section 201 Case Released, PV Cell Price Becomes Unstable this Week 2017-09-28
Market Adopts Wait and See Attitude Ahead of Section 201 Ruling 2017-09-21
Wacker Factory Explosion and Section 201 Clouding PV Supply Chain 2017-09-14
PV Demand Slows Down; Product Price in RMB Remains Constant 2017-09-07
PV Cell Sector Suffers More Pressure from Seesaw Battle in the Upstream and Downstream 2017-08-31
Upstream and Downstream Conditions Become Diverse, PV Cell Price Suffers from Both Sides 2017-08-24
EnergyTrend Lithium Battery in IT Products and Power Application Market Report 2017-08-21
Shortfall in Supply of Polysilicon has Improved Slightly While Middle and Downstream Prices Still Suffer Squeezes 2017-08-17
Polysilicon Continues to Be in Short Supply Which Leads to Unstable Prices in the Supply Chain 2017-08-10
Wafer Prices Surge on Shortfall of Polysilicon 2017-08-03
China Demand Weakens, Prices for Overseas Orders are Relatively High 2017-07-27
Mono-si Supply Chain Begins Price Cut amid Divergent Market Demands 2017-07-20
Market Demands Continue Diverging, and Multi-si Wafer Price is Sustainable 2017-07-13

Merger of Gintech, NSP and Solartech Will Contribute to Taiwan’s Solar Industry by Speeding Up Vertical Integration and Stimulating Investments

Taiwan’s three solar companies Gintech, Neo Solar Power (NSP) and Solartech signed an MOU on October 16 announcing their .. more...

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