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EnergyTrend , a research division of TrendForce Corp., is a global market research firm that has an insightful analysis in the scope of solar, lithium battery, xEVs and the related applications. EnergyTrend also is the leading website on green news since 2010 and is dedicated to provide market intelligence and to deliver the price information on green/renewable energy industry. Currently EnergyTrend has three language sites namely English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.



Site Traffic

EnergyTrend.com has 3,500,000 average page views and over 850,000 visitors in each month, according to the 16Q4 statistic. EnergyTrend is the ideal promotion platform for targeted exposure, branding awareness, site traffic and , more importantly, generate timely business leads.


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Job Position

78% of our audiences whose positions are in the management and above are also the IT decision makers and B2B influencers.




EnergyTrend provides customized services and marketing support to meet your business goal. Please contact us for more details.

Ares Lee
+ 886-2-8978-6488 ext.822
Melissa Ye
+ 886-2-8978-6488 ext.823
China :
Faye Wang 
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