PV Cells Production in China Will Account for Half of Global Capacity in 2010

Beijing Reuters cited Zhao Yu-Wen, the vice president of Chinese Renewable Energy Society on 28th of December that China is expected to produce as many as 8 gigawatts, about half of global capacity in 2010. Xinhuanet reported that people from the government rel.. more

Solar Industry Takes a Potential Stake in Rare Earth Elements War

China owns most of supply of rare earth elements and has the ability to trigger a trade war if it decides to. Rare earth elements war may affect the whole solar industry mainly because Silicon Carbide, a compound of silicon and carbon that occurs in nature as an extremely rar.. more

ABB Software to Enhance Performance of New Nuclear Power Plants in China

ABB, the power and automation technology group, announced that it has signed an agreement with China National Nuclear Power (CNNP) to provide enterprise asset management (EAM) software solutions for the company’s extensive new-build nuclear power plant prog.. more

The New Energy Vehicles in China will Realize Industrialization in 2020

According to the New Energy Vehicles Development Seminar, the low-end electric vehicles will be the opportunity for Chinese market. Huang Yonghe, the Chief Specialist of China Automotive Technology and Research Center, believes that the Chinese New Energ.. more

Oerlikon Solar Receives Order for 40 MW Turnkey Production Line from China

Oerlikon Solar, a supplier of thin film silicon photovoltaic (PV) production equipment, announced its latest customer order from Hunan Gongchuang Photovoltaic Science & Technology Co. Ltd. The Hengyang City based company ordered a 40 MW Micromorph® tur.. more

Senior PWC Advisor Confident in China's Green Economy

China has laid a firm foundation for green development and will achieve its ambitious target on increasing the use of renewable resources, a senior advisor with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) said. Referring to China's bid to produce 20 percent of its energy with .. more

The Annual Output of Electric Vehicles in China will Reach 1M by 2020

China's annual production capacity of electric motor vehicles will reach 1 million units by 2020, a senior official forecast. As the world's largest auto market, new energy vehicles are key to the development of China's auto industry, said Minister of Sci.. more


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