China will Unveil the Electric Vehicle Standards

The Chinese government will implement three standards to regulate electric vehicle charging stations this October and is set to develop a further five, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission said. The Energy Bureau is in discussions with power companies and oil pr.. more

Solar Millennium AG: Blythe Solar Power Plant Recommended For Approval

Solar Millennium AG has hit another milestone in the permitting process for realizing its first parabolic trough power plants in the American southwest. Solar Millennium, LLC, the U.S. project development subsidiary of Solar Trust of America, announced that its pro.. more

Tucson Electric Power Will Build Solar Array at UA Campus

Arizonaelectric utility Tucson Electric Power is installing a 1.6-megawatt solar power system - and it's doing so at the University of Arizona's solar development center. The UATechPark's SolarZone, as it's called, occupies 200 acres and serves as a test bed for n.. more


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