China issues new policy to boost distributed PV market

The China National Energy Administration announced a new policy on September 4 aimed at bolstering the distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) market. “This new policy will loosen current regulations, which will give the market a needed pus.. more

China’s New Policy for Distributed Generation Officially Unveiled

China has been planning to introduce a series of new policies to encourage distributed generation (DG) installations as well as to deal with related obstacles since June. The National Energy Administration (NEA) revised down the yearly DG installation target from 8G.. more

China to Revise Distributed PV Generation Installation Target Down to 5GW

By the end of July, the new PV installation in China was 3.3GW, still 10.7GW to go in the rest five months to complete this year’s 14GW target. The 8GW distributed PV Generation (DG) target seems even difficult to achieve as the installation was only 1GW.. more

China Reveals the Second List of Government-approved PV Manufacturers

To introduce greater standardization in China’s PV industry in terms of R&D, quality control and environmental protection, the Chinese government has revealed a series of lists of governmental-approved PV manufacturers. The newest list selects additional 52 P.. more

China’s Central and Local Governments to Offer More Subsidies for Distributed PV Generation

In order to develop distributed PV generation (DG), China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) confirmed the feed-in tariff (FiT) prices for DG to be RMB $0.42/kW last year. Governments of several provinces also released local DG subs.. more

Germany’s Renewable Generation Reaches 74% of Power Needs at a Midday

Germany, one of the leading countries when it comes to renewable energy technology, achieved a record of generating 74% of nationwide power needs through clean energy. This is a record written on May 11th midday when the country’s power generation came 74% from renewabl.. more

China to Face Challenges from Wind Power Capacity Excess

The 13th World Wind Energy Conference was held on April 10th in Shanhai City, China, the world’s largest wind power market. As wind power has been growing rapidly in the nation, excessive capacity and insufficient grid-connection are urgent problems for China to .. more


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Mono-Si Prices in December Have Become Stable; Multi-Si Orders to Continue until January: Price Trend

This week, the focus of the market was on the change of the mono-si supply chain. Due to the rapid decline of mono-si price, the demand of.. more...


The New Phase of Top Runner Program Favors Companies Already Dominant in Application Bases and N-Type Solutions in Technology Bases

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has recently released the official list of proposed projects under the Top Runne.. more...

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