PID-free PV Module Developed by Wuxi Suntech and TCNT

A partnership between Wuxi Suntech and Taiwan Carbon Nanotube Technology Corporation (TCNT) has successfully developed the world's first low-cost and highly reliable carbon nanotube PV module frame. The partnership merges Suntech's PV modules with TCN.. more

Water Scarcity Issue in Taiwan Boosts Local PV Cell Production Costs

Water scarcity issue in Taiwan has begun to affect some of the local cell manufacturers. If cell manufacturers decide to purchase water, cell production costs will increase. This week, polysilicon prices remained low due to less polysilicon shipm.. more

Proper Operation and Maintenance Maximizes PV System’s Margin: An Interview with Energy Guard

Dependable operation is essential to the profitability of a PV system. When a PV system is muddied or damaged, its return on investment (ROI) rate would be cut down by either lower power output or equipment replacement. Therefore, best approach to maintain a stable powe.. more

Gogoro to Launch Smartscooters in Taiwan for the First Time

Gogoro, the new electrical vehicle (EV) brand invested by HTC CEO Cher Wang and Ruentex Financial Group CEO Samuel Yin, will go on sale for the first time this summer in Taipei and New Taipei City of Taiwan. Gogoro was found .. more

Saft to Supply Lithium Cells for Electricity Meters in China, Indian and Taiwan

Saft has won contracts to supply around five million of its Eternacell branded primary lithium cells to leading OEMs for electricity metering projects in China, India and Taiwan. The contracts represent a significant commercial breakthrough f.. more

Taiwan Showcases Solutions That Deliver Energy Savings of Up to 61%

Without a doubt, the decoration and packaging materials used in a trade-show exhibition can leave a sizable footprint on the planet. To address this issue, Taiwan's Green Trade Project Office has developed the "Taiwan Green Demo House," which is essenti.. more

Taiwanese PV Cell Makers Set a New Shipment Record of Over 10GW

Due to increases in both shipments and conversion efficiency, Taiwanese PV cell makers experienced a record shipment growth in 2014, according to the latest report by EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce. This growth was in spite of being under the anti-dumping and coun.. more


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