The Shipment of Solar Battery in Taiwan will Increase by Over 100%

According to the report of Economic Daily in Taiwan, Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) estimates, the international solar photovoltaic market in 2010 will exceed 1200MW, increasing by 60% compared with that in 2009. In the first half of 201.. more

Patented Cathode Materials for Lithium Iron Batteries Help Taiwan Makers Tap into the International Market

The automotive battery, which has put international makers into a production race, is the key to electric vehicle industry. EnergyTrend observes that Taiwan’s battery industry doesn’t goes well because it has neither as much capital as Japanese or Korean .. more

EnergyTrend: the sky’s the limit for electric cars – in 10 years, these vehicles will become mainstream

BYD China successfully won the favor of investment guru Warren Buffett as he acquired 10 percent equity interest in BYD. This move reflects the growing momentum of electric vehicles.China and the United States have also placed much emphasis on the development of t.. more


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