TSEC Works with DuPont to Cooperate and Develop Technologies of Solar Module

TSEC and DuPont signed the agreement of cooperation of solar module technologies on August 4th. The cooperation covers the testing of solar modules with high effectiveness, high reliability, and durability, and the application of modules in di.. more

DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions Unveils New Generation of Front Side Silver Paste Solamet® PV20A at 2017 SNEC PV Power Expo

DuPont Photovoltaics Solutions, the industry leader in solar solutions that deliver proven power and lasting value for customers around the world, will introduce the newest innovation to its DuPont™ Solamet® photovoltaic metallization paste at 2017 SNEC Phot.. more

DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions Introduces New Solamet® Metallization Pastes for Advanced Screen Printing at 2017 Tokyo PV Expo

As the industry leader in solar solutions that delivers proven power and lasting value for customers around the world, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions introduced new innovations for its DuPont™ Solamet® photovoltaic metallization paste.. more

JinkoSolar’s 1500V Eagle Modules Go Available in North America

JinkoSolar’s 1500-volt Eagle PV modules, manufactured with its strategic partner DuPont's™ Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film-based backsheets, have received UL1703 certification by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Following certification, .. more

DuPont Starts Patent Action Against Heraeus Over Lead Telluride Solar Paste

DuPont, the largest solar conductive paste supplier in the world, decided to take appropriate actions toward Heraeus to protect its patent over lead telluride solar conductive paste. According to DuPont’s official statement, it is targeting on its major comp.. more

NSP Works With DuPont on High-Efficiency Technology Development

NSP, a major Taiwanese PV cell manufacturer, signed a technology cooperation agreement with DuPont on high-efficiency metallisation paste development on April 9th. Through DuPont’s ‘Solamet’ PV19x series silver pastes, which includes the company&r.. more

JinkoSolar and DuPont Collaborate to Advance Solar PV Products

JinkoSolar has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with DuPont, which reflects the companies' interests in furthering the growth and adoption of efficient and reliable solar generated electricity. Areas of potential collaboration include technical development eff.. more


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