1366 Technologies Receives $10 Million Investment for kerfless Wafer Factory

Silicon wafer manufacturer 1366 Technologies (1366) has received a $10 million investment from the Hanwha Investment Corporation. The funds will be used for the construction of 1366’s first large-scale commercial factory, which is expected to have 250MW of annual ca.. more

Hanwha Q CELLS to Purchase 1366 Technologies’ Wafer for PERC Cells

Hanwha Q CELLS and 1366 Technologies (1366) have entered into a supply agreement. 1366 will supply up to 700MW of wafers using its proprietary Direct Wafer™ technology to Hanwha Q CELLS over a five-year period for Hanwha Q C.. more

Hanwha Q CELLS Reaches 19.1% Efficiency by 1366’s Direct Wafer

Hanwha Q CELLS and 1366 Technologies co-develop multi-si PV cells with conversion efficiency up to 19.1%. The result proves that Q CELLS’ Q.ANTUM Technology and 1366 Technologies’ Direct Wafer are able to upgrade the power performance of PV.. more

1366 Technologies’ Direct Wafer Leads to 19.1% Efficiency Multi-si PERC Cells

1366 Technologies announced a series of new performance records for its kerfless, drop-in 156mm multi-crystalline wafers, including a champion result of 19.1% on an industrial line. The result was independently verified by the Fraunhofer ISE. Customers using 1366’s p.. more

1366 Technologies to Build 3GW Wafer Manufacturing Facility in New York

1366 Technologies announced plans to build a commercial solar wafer manufacturing facility in Genesee County New York that will eventually scale to 3 GW, house 400 Direct Wafer™ furnaces, and produce more than 600 million silicon wafers per year. The initial phase.. more

Hanwah Q CELLS and 1366 Technologies Partner to Reduce Costs of PV Cells

1366 Technologies and Hanwha Q CELLS have entered into a long-term strategic partnership to jointly advance the efficiency and quality of solar cells while dramatically reducing their costs. The two companies will collaborate on the development of 1366's proprietary .. more

Direct Wafer: 1366 Technologies Changes the Face of Solar Cell Manufacturing

Wafer or silicone solar cells represent the building blocks of solar panels. Traditionally, solar cell manufacturing involves a four-step process -- ingot casting, blocking, squaring, and sawing. However, these production methods waste 50 percent of the silicone material. .. more


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