The Changing Green Energy Industry – 2014 Review 1/4

Led by solar industry, the green energy industry has faced unprecedented policy storms in 2014. Different from bankruptcies caused by the financial crisis in 2008, the policy storms changed many countries’ and companies’ development strategies. At the same time, en.. more

Canada to Probe Dumping and Subsidizing of Certain PV Modules and Laminates from China

On December 5th, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced to initiate investigations into the alleged injurious dumping and subsidizing of certain PV modules and laminates imported from China. The preliminary determination or termination will be announced .. more

EU mulling anti-circumvention measures on Asian countries solar exports

Following the anti-dumping and countervailing measures imposed by the United States on Chinese and Taiwanese solar PV manufacturers, the European Union is now investigating other Asian countries for allegedly helping China violate the terms of a solar-export agreement .. more

EU Will Not Launch Anti-circumvention Probe in China

The EU Trade Commission has confirmed that it will not pursue SolarWorld’s claims of Chinese trade breaches because there is no convincible evidence. This June, EU ProSun handed a document and asked the EU Trade Commission to .. more

China Suspend Imports of Processed Polysilicon Possibly for Trade Talks

Last week, China’s Ministry of Commerce and General Administration of Customs announced to suspend imports of processed polysilicon since September. This move is generally interpreted as a bargain chip in future trade negotiations with the US. China has decided.. more

EU to Launch Anti-Circumvention Probes in China, Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia?

China’s Commerce Department pointed that German solar company SolarWorld AG has petitioned EU to launch a new phase of trade investigation in China-imported PV products. The aim may be anti-circumvention investigation regarding cer.. more

China, EU and US to Negotiate For Solar Trade Disputes

  In order to cut trade tariffs and custom duties,  14 WTO members include China, the EU, the US and Taiwan announced to begin a new series of trade negotiations to reduce green products’ tariffs. This may involve in trade .. more


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