Tempress Acquires SoLayTec for High Efficiency Next Generation Solar Cell Structures

Tempress Group Holding, B.V. announced that it has acquired a majority ownership interest in SoLayTec, B.V., located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, from RENA. SoLayTec is a provider of atomic layer deposition (ALD) systems used in high efficiency solar cell.. more

WINAICO Ships World’s First 230W HeatCap PV Modules to Japan

WINAICO, a global PV module brand by the semiconductor company, Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd., begins shipping 230 W, 48 cell modules to Japanese key customers. The 230 W, WST-230M6-H, module combines the world’s.. more

Meyer Burger Secured Contracts to Supply PERC Upgrade Cell Technology in Asia

MB-PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) from Meyer Burger is an advanced cell technology that offers customers the opportunity to substantially increase the efficiency and performance of their existing solar cell production lines. The orders received in the last few d.. more

Advances in PV Technology – 2014 Review 2/4

Achievements of energy technology represent how advanced the industry is. In terms of solar energy, improvements in high efficiency solar technologies, such as PERC and N-Type solar cells, are the highlights of this year. Colored and transparent solar cells which can be .. more

Trina Solar Sets New Efficiency Records for Silicon Solar Cells

Trina Solar’s State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology of China has successfully set new world records for high efficiency p-type and n-type silicon solar cells. The p-type mono-crystalline silicon solar cell on an industrial Cz wafer, which integrates.. more

SolarWorld to Expand Solar Panel and Cell Production in Oregon

By expanding new production lines in Oregon, SolarWorld will increase annual solar-panel production capacity from 380MW to 530MW, marking a stepping-stone to 630MW capacity in the near future. In addition, production capacity of its PERC PV cells will also be inc.. more

WINAICO’s WSP-M6 PERC Module Wins Taiwan Excellent PV Award

WINAICO, a PV module brand under Win Win Precision Technology, was honored with the award of Taiwan Excellent PV by Bureau of Energy, of Ministry of Economic Affairs. Taiwanese research institute, ITRI, performed a series of.. more


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