KYOCERA Unveils Strategies for Both Domestic and Overseas Markets

Japan PV manufacturer Kyocera expects more than 1.2GW of PV module production for the fiscal year 2015 (2015 April to 2016 March). Nonetheless, the company is accelerating expanding overseas markets to the U.S. and Asia due to domestic demand drop. For the overseas.. more

KYOCERA Installs More EV Charging Stations in Japan

Kyocera Corporation leads Japan’s industry in many aspects – to become more sustainable, its subsidiary Kyocera Communication Systems Co. supplied two solar-powered recharging stations in Kyotango city, Kyoto Prefectur.. more

Sharp, Panasonic, Kyocera Report PV Sale Reduction in the First Half of 2015, Kyocera Turns to HEMS

Sharp, Panasonic, and Kyocera, the three leaders in Japan’s solar PV industry, have all reported sale decline in the financial results for the first half of fiscal year 2015 (April 2015~ March 2016). The sale declines were mainly resulted from the weakened Japanes.. more

Kyocera TCL Solar Commences Operation of a 8.5MW Project in Japan

Kyocera TCL Solar, a special purpose company (joint venture) jointly formed by Kyocera Corporation and Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation, has completed construction of the largest solar power plant on a reclaimed island on Japan’s la.. more

Bacardi Group Goes 100% Solar with Kyocera at Puerto Rico Headquarters

Kyocera Solar Inc. and installer Dynamic Solar Solutions announced on October 13th the installation of 24.75 kilowatts (kW) of Kyocera solar modules atop Emilio Bacardi Group headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico, harnessing renewable energy as a solution to ri.. more

Kyocera Withdraws PV Cell Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Hanwha Q CELLS

Kyocera Corporation announced that it has concluded a technology licensing agreement with Hanwha Q CELLS Japan Co., Ltd.. The agreement features a license for Kyocera’s Japanese patent related to a “three-bus-bar electrode structure” that increase.. more

KYOCERA Solar Lights up a Brazilian Highway by Solar Power

Kyocera Solar has completed a solar-lighting project on the Acro Metropolitano do Rio de Janeiro, a highway project connecting the five main highways crossing Rio de Janeiro. More than 4,300 solar-powered LED streetlights are powered by a .. more


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