Kyocera Withdraws PV Cell Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Hanwha Q CELLS

Kyocera Corporation announced that it has concluded a technology licensing agreement with Hanwha Q CELLS Japan Co., Ltd.. The agreement features a license for Kyocera’s Japanese patent related to a “three-bus-bar electrode structure” that increase.. more

KYOCERA Solar Lights up a Brazilian Highway by Solar Power

Kyocera Solar has completed a solar-lighting project on the Acro Metropolitano do Rio de Janeiro, a highway project connecting the five main highways crossing Rio de Janeiro. More than 4,300 solar-powered LED streetlights are powered by a .. more

Kyocera Solar to Construct 23MW Solar Power Plant in Kyoto, Japan

Kyocera TCL Solar LLC, a joint ventured between Kyocera Corporation and Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation, has commences construction of a 23MW solar power plant on an abandoned golf course in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Approximately.. more

Japan’s Third Floating Solar Power Plant Constructed by Kyocera

Kyocera TCL Solar LLC, a joint venture established by Kyocera and Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation (Century Tokyo Leasing), has completed construction of its third floating mega-solar (large-scale solar) power plant in Hyogo Prefect.. more

Japan’s Largest Solar Power Plant Launched

Kyocera Corporation, K.K. GAIA POWER, Kyudenko Corp., and Century Tokyo Leasing Corp. have jointly announced a grand solar power project. These companies co-invested in Kanoya Osaki Solar Hills LLC, a solar power operating c.. more

Japan’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plants Completed by Kyocera

Kyocera TCL Solar LLC, a joint venture established by Kyocera Corp. and Century Tokyo Leasing Corp. has completely constructed two of Japan’s largest large-scale solar power “megasolar” plants at Nishihira Pond and Higashihira Pond in Kato .. more

Kyocera to Launch Solar-compatible Energy Storage Solution for Residential Use in Germany

Kyocera Corporation, Energetik Solartechnologie-Vertriebs GmbH and Solare Datensysteme GmbH have teamed up to offer an energy storage solution for residential use in Germany. The new solution, which includes Kyocera’s battery storage system and Solare Datens.. more


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