LONGi Invests in Extra 10GW Mono-si Wafer Capacity in China

Mono-si wafer market share has gradually risen up. This result is highly related to China’s governmental policies, production capacities, and leading manufacturers' strategies. As a major supplier, LONGi has been one of the spotlight.. more

LERRI Solar Receives Capital Increase for Expanding Distributed Solar Business

Chinese solar manufacturer LERRI Solar, who focuses on R&D and manufacturing of mono-si PV cells and modules, has enthusiastically advanced its distributed PV generation (DG) business. Its parent company, LONGi, announced to is.. more

LONGi: Net Income Increased by Over 600%, Sets to Building Malaysian Factory

PV demand in Chinese market in the first half of 2016 was extremely strong, while the demand to mono-si products increased as well. LONGi Group, one of China’s largest mono-si PV products manufacturer, unveiled its financial results for 1H16, in which the revenu.. more

LONGi Clean Energy, LERRI and Tonking Form Strategic Partnership

LONGi Clean Energy Co., a subsidiary of LONGi Group, and LERRI Solar Technology, a monocrystalline solar cell and module manufacturer, both signed a strategic partnership agreement with Tonking New Energy on August 10. They will share sources of the three .. more

LONGi Starts Monocrystalline Production in Malaysia

LONGi held an opening ceremony for its new factory in Kuching, Malaysia on July 29. The factory was acquired from SunEdison in this February, and LONGi allocates production capacities including 600MW of monocrystalline PV cells, 300MW of monocrystalline produ.. more

LONGi JV with ET Solar to Build Mono-si Module Factory

Xi’an LONGi and ET Solar lately announced the creation of a monocrystalline module joint venture targeting global markets in Shanghai. The two companies’ goal with the joint venture is to push for the adoption of mono-si modules under the “ET Solar&.. more

Xi’an Substation Exploded, LONGi Remains Completely Intact

A substation in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, China exploded around mid-night on June 18, damaging several local semiconductor manufacturing plants. Fortunately, LONGi, a Xi’an-based first-tier solar PV maker, remained compl.. more


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