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Lead-Free Perovskite Solar with No Heavy Metal Concerns Generates Power Indoor

published 2020 年 12 月 04 日 18:30 | editor | category News
Perovskite solar has been under the spotlight in recent years owing to its simple manufacturing process and the expeditiously surging conversion efficiency, though such technology has yet to enter an extensive commercialization due to the incorporation of heavy metal lead, which is one of the concerns for the environment. Chinese and UK scientists have targeted at this particular issue recently by developing a form of lead-free perovskite solar that can be used indoor and is more eco-friendly. ...  more

FRV Will Deploy Tesla Megapack Batteries for Its Second Utility-Scale Battery Project in the UK

published 2020 年 12 月 03 日 18:30 | editor | category News
According to reports from various media outlets, Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) announced recently that it has adopted Tesla’s Megapack for its second utility-scale battery project in the UK. Designated as “Contego”, the project is located near Burgess Hill in the county of West Sussex. It is designed to have a storage capacity of 68MWh and an output of 34MW. The funding and construction contracts for the project have been finalized. ...  more

Neoen Secures a Contract to Build a New 300MW Battery Storage Plant in Australia

published 2020 年 12 月 02 日 18:30 | editor | category News
As Australia is racing ahead to expand the deployment of renewable generation systems, battery energy storage and power infrastructure upgrade have become essential in maintaining the reliability and quality of the electricity supply in the country. Recently, French energy developer Neoen won a contract to build the largest battery storage plant in Australia to date. Located in the state of Victoria, the project will be another array of Tesla batteries. ...  more

Study Shows that US Solar Installed Capacity May Advance in High Speed After Biden’s Presidential Victory

published 2020 年 12 月 02 日 18:30 | editor | category News
How will the new “green” policy affect electricity, automobiles, public transportation, and construction, if Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden takes office? According to the analysis of Rethink Energy Research, the installed capacity of solar energy in the US may amplify from the particular outcome, and arrive at above 450GW in the accumulated installed capacity by 2030. ...  more

Volkswagen Goes All-in on Electric Cars for the Next Five Years with €73 Billion Investment

published 2020 年 11 月 30 日 18:30 | editor | category News
Ten billion Euros may not suffice when vying for EV supremacy. Case in point, Volkswagen indicated during its latest five-year strategic meeting that it will raise its funding for EV R&D to €73 billion, the breakdown of which is as follows: €35 for BEV development, €27 for digital transformation, and €11 for HEV development. ...  more

The French Government Plans to Renege on Fixed PV Rates to Cut Down on €2 Billion in Yearly Subsidies, but at What Cost?

published 2020 年 11 月 27 日 18:30 | editor | category News
PV cost has plummeted within the past 10 years due to an increase in equipment installation and improvement in PV technology. Since 2010, PV cost has dropped by 82%. Although this spells good news for consumers and developers alike, the price drop also means the earlier fixed electricity rate (FIT, or feed-in-tariff) has become much more expensive than the rates offered by newly built PV power stations. In light of this discrepancy, the French government has now deemed it appropriate to adjust the earlier fixed rates. Should the proposal pass into law, this will likely have dire ramifications for PV power plants with capacities exceeding 250KW built between 2006 and 2010. ...  more

Toshiba Announces Halt of Coal-Fired Power Build-Out, Steps up Renewable Energy Strategy to Curb Carbon Emission

published 2020 年 11 月 26 日 18:30 | editor | category News
The future of coal-fired power is looking bleaker than ever in the face of the current trend of reduced carbon emissions. Case in point, Japan-based industrial equipment manufacturer Toshiba has announced that it will stop all its future constructions of coal-fired power plants and refuse all client orders for said plants while stepping up its renewable energy strategy. ...  more