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Construction Industry Advances Towards Era of Electrification and Zero Carbon Emission as the First Electric Crane in the World Makes its Debut

published 2021 年 02 月 25 日 9:30 | editor | category News
While there is an increasing number of electric vehicles, numerous large-sized machines are also prepared to enter the electrification era. In addition to the previously mentioned electric excavators and pallets, Liebherr has introduced another sizeable product this time, which is an electric crane. ...  more

TPC Confident in Maintaining a Stable Supply of Power as Electricity Consumption Anticipated to Hit Record High in 2021

published 2021 年 02 月 24 日 9:30 | editor | category News
TPC hosted the “2021 Chinese New Year Celebration” today, and will be expediting on digital transformation and smart grid construction, as well as cultivating a circular economy, as the new year arrives. Yang Wei-fu, Chairman of TPC, commented that the electricity usage is expected to hit new high this year, though the new units for the independent power producers, along with the three offshore wind farms and solar plants, will be continuously established, in order to ensure a stable supply of power. ...  more

Researchers at Pusan National University Unveil a PV Cell That Is Completely Foldable

published 2021 年 02 月 23 日 18:30 | editor | category News
Conventional c-Si PV cells are structurally rigid and fragile, so they can break apart when they are under extreme external forces. Furthermore, rectangular PV modules that contain c-Si PV cells can only be deployed on a flat surface such as the roof of a building. Scientists and engineers that are involved in the field of solar PV have therefore been working on flexible and foldable PV cells that could become renewable energy solutions for a wider range of applications. ...  more

Desire for Wind Power Supremacy Drives Denmark to Build Largest Artificial Island in History

published 2021 年 02 月 23 日 9:30 | editor | category News
As a country famous for its development of wind energy, Denmark has an advantage in obtaining additional sources of new energy because of its vast shorelines, despite being constrained by its limited landmass. As the E.U.’s new energy targets bring impending changes to the energy ecosystem, Denmark will now construct a massive offshore artificial island to create more new energy hubs, expected to provide tens of millions of households in Europe with electricity eventually. ...  more

Tesla Reigns Electric Vehicle Sales in 2020 Among Top 5 Contenders with 1% Drop in Market Shares

published 2021 年 02 月 22 日 9:30 | editor | category News
Tesla sits firmly as the leader of sales in electric vehicles after the surge in production capacity during 2020, though the overall market shares have slightly declined for the company, and various automotive manufacturers have been catching up at the same time. Let us take a look at the top 5 sales leaders for 2020. ...  more

Aquaculture Transitions to Electricity Generation; 76MW Solar Power Plant in Syuejia of Tainan Initiated

published 2021 年 02 月 22 日 9:30 | editor | category News
Taya Group, a company that excels in cables, has been actively implementing for renewable energy, and the 76MW ground solar power plant established by its subsidiary Sin Jhong Solar Power in 2020, which is also the first private large-scale power plant approved for land alteration, has hosted an earth-thanking ritual and initiation ceremony recently. ...  more

Diesel Cars Became Lost Glory as Major Automotive Manufacturers Accelerate on Electric Vehicle Implementation

published 2021 年 02 月 21 日 18:30 | editor | category News
Diesel vehicles were regarded as the greatest treasure by European automotive manufacturers prior to the Volkswagen emissions scandal, which has devastated the reputation of the particular vehicle type, and the increasingly rigorous targets of carbon reduction initiated by various European countries have successively stipulated the termination deadline for ICE vehicles, which forces the exit of diesel vehicles. ...  more

Is Tesla Buying BYD? BYD Says Fake News

published 2021 年 02 月 21 日 18:30 | editor | category News
Certain media outlets recently claimed that Tesla will acquire a 20% stake in China-based EV manufacturer BYD for US$36 billion. Though copious in details, the news ultimately turned out to be fake. ...  more