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Covid-19 Worsening Operations as USA Residential Solar Power Provider Sungevity Laid Off 387 Employees

published 2020 年 04 月 06 日 18:30 | editor | category News
Covid-19 has significantly impacted the solar industry of USA, and not only has it shaken up the progress in solar plant construction, but the pandemic will also lead to a substantial unemployed population. According to the data of Employment Development Department, residential solar power provider Sungevity has implemented a large-scale lay off due to the pandemic and poor operation performance, and fired 387 workers. ...  more

2019 Cobalt Consumption Ranking Sees Chinese Battery Maker CATL Consuming 21% of Global Cobalt Supply

published 2020 年 03 月 16 日 18:30 | editor | category News
One of the most important and costliest raw materials in electric vehicles, or EVs, is cobalt, a type of heavy metal. Year 2019 saw the rapid growth of EVs, with a corresponding surge in battery manufacturers’ demand for cobalt, as five of the manufacturers expended 78% of the global cobalt supply. CATL ranks first. ...  more