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GWEC Reports Global Cumulative Capacity of Offshore Wind Generation Reached 23GW in 2018

published 2019 年 03 月 11 日 13:38 | editor | category News
The development of offshore wind generation has been progressing at a rapid pace in recent years. The latest data and report published by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) reveals that the cumulative total of installed offshore wind capacity worldwide at the end of 2018 came to 23GW, showing a growth of 9% from the end of 2017. ...  more

Wearable Thermoelectric Generator Developed by ETRI May Be Commercialized in Three Years

published 2019 年 03 月 11 日 11:44 | editor | category News
Generating usable electricity with just the normal amount of heat emanating from a person’s body seems like a far-fetched concept. However, a team of researchers at South Korea’s Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) recently announced that they have created a wearable thermoelectric generation system that converts human body heat into electricity. ...  more