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India Develops Flexible Module formed with Organic Paper Solar Substrate for Power Generation

published 2020 年 10 月 16 日 18:30 | editor | category News
The principle of power generation for solar panels is to convert solar radiation into electricity, so will it be possible to generate power using indoor lighting? Indian scientists have recently developed an organic solar module made with a paper-based substrate that possesses both cost and environmental advantages, and is able to achieve a power density of 12µW/cm2 under 1000 lux, which makes it possible in providing power for small electronic equipment in the future. ...  more

Executive Order to Extend the Ban on Offshore Drilling Along the US East Coast Impacts Development of Wind Power

published 2020 年 10 月 15 日 18:30 | editor | category News
The Trump Administration’s latest decision to extend the earlier moratorium on offshore drilling along the US East Coast will certainly affect the oil and gas industry that has been the administration’s traditional ally. At the same time, the decision is expected to impede the growth of the offshore wind industry. ...  more

2020 Energy Taiwan Commenced as Taiwan Become Hot Spot for Global Green Energy Investment

published 2020 年 10 月 15 日 18:30 | editor | category News
Energy Taiwan is currently exhibiting at Hall 1 of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from today (14th) to 16th, and has concatenated the three major energy of solar, wind, and smart energy storage, with a total of 500 booths. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen pointed out during the opening ceremony that renewable energy in Taiwan has experienced a surging development during her 4 years of tenure, and that Taiwan has returned to being an essential hot spot for global investment of renewable energy. ...  more

Energy Taiwan 2020 Shows Commitment to Renewable Adoption and Continuing Dialog Between Industries and the Public

published 2020 年 10 月 15 日 18:30 | editor | category News
This year’s Energy Taiwan, which is a major trade show for renewable energies in the region, is taking place at Hall 1 of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center and will last three days from October 14 to 16. The exhibitions and activities of the event revolve around domestic energy policies, renewable sector, and business electricity usage. The event also highlights the growing importance of energy storage technologies in the development of renewable generation and power consumption. ...  more

Section 201 with Variables May Elevate Solar Duty to 18% in 2021

published 2020 年 10 月 15 日 18:30 | editor | category News
Section 201 of the Trade Act that targets imported solar products has been added with variables, which is a devastating news to solar developers. POTUS Donald Trump had recently signed a presidential proclamation, which cancels the previous exemption of duty on partial solar products. He is also hoping to elevate the tax rate of section 201 of the Trade Act by increasing the rate from 15% to 18% in 2021. ...  more

Foxconn Hints That It Will Be Revealing an EV Platform at Hon Hai Technology Day

published 2020 年 10 月 15 日 18:30 | editor | category Analysis
Taiwan-based technology conglomerate Hon Hai Precision Industry, which is also known internationally as Foxconn Technology Group, will be holding the first-ever “Hon Hai Technology Day” (HHTD) on October 16. The first round of invitations for the event were sent on September 23. The invitation bears the slogan “3+3=∞” that signifies the company’s commitment to wholescale transformation and the bullish outlook on business opportunities in new industries. Foxconn released more promotional materials for the event at the end of September. ...  more

How Does Major Coal Country South Africa Resolve Unemployment Followed by Its Energy Transformation?

published 2020 年 10 月 14 日 18:30 | editor | category News
As one of the top 10 countries in coal production, the structure of power generation for South Africa is primarily formed with coal-fired power generation, and the ratio had reached to 88% in 2018. However, even the major coal country is currently implementing an energy transformation, and hopes to elevate the ratio of green energy to 40% by 2030, which will facilitate a reduction of carbon emission, though such action would indicate that a significant amount of labors will lose their jobs, and that the government will have to begin stipulating relevant “employment transformation”. ...  more

Lower House of US Congress Passes Bill That Provides Grants for Developing Energy Storage Sector

published 2020 年 10 月 14 日 14:39 | editor | category News
Various media outlets have reported that the US House of Representatives officially passed the Clean Economy Jobs and Innovation Act (H.R. 4447) in late September. If this bill becomes law, the US government will provide funding to advance clean energy technologies, electrify transportation, modernize grid systems, and improve energy efficiency of homes across the country. ...  more