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United Renewable Energy Cuts Workforce

published 2019 年 07 月 12 日 11:13 | editor | category News
Taiwan's United Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. (URN) announced on July 8th the layoff of up to 450 of its employees, which is approximately 15% of its total workforce. The layoff comes as the company seeks to scale down its operations to survive the slump of the PV power market. ...  more

Energy Manufacturing and Wildlife Research - Working Together

published 2019 年 07 月 10 日 10:02 | editor | category News
The effect of power networks on wildlife, and the corresponding effect of wildlife on power networks, has become of increasing concern over the last two decades. This is encouraging collaboration between the energy manufacturing industry and various wildlife research bodies. ...  more

FSU Researchers Aim to Raise Efficiency of Solar Cells Using an Infrared-Converting Perovskite Material

published 2019 年 07 月 10 日 9:30 | editor | category News
A research team at Florida State University (FSU) recently announced that they have discovered a new perovskite material that can be used in photovoltaic cells for capturing and converting infrared light or radiation. Most crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells that are now on the market cannot convert infrared light into electricity because infrared rays have longer wavelengths and carry less photon energy. ...  more