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Brave C&H Launches Cutting-Edge F9900 Series ahead of 2H19

published 2019 年 05 月 08 日 10:29 | editor | category Interviews
Following four years of intensive research and development, Brave C&H Supply, a Taiwanese precision printing screen firm, has rolled out its cutting-edge PI process F9900 series, which has received a warm market reception and is expected to give the local PV industry a strong boost following its massive application in the second half of 2019. ...  more

PV Powerbank Gaining Reception

published 2019 年 05 月 02 日 9:55 | editor | category News
U.S. PV power firm Renogy has rolled out PV powerbank and portable solar panel, underscoring extension of PV power to the mobile sector. ...  more

VIA Deploys in Internet of Vehicles

published 2019 年 05 月 02 日 9:44 | editor | category News
VIA Technologies was granted "IoV Technology Innovation Award" for its Mobile 360 smart driving development platform on April 2 during the China International Automotive Technology Expo 2019, held in Shanghai April 2-3.   ...  more