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Australian Research Team to Build the World’s First Quantum Battery That Could Offer Instant Charge for Smartphones

A research team at Australia’s University of Adelaide recently announced that it is working on a battery technology that could theoretically charge up mobile devices within seconds. The team, which is led by a quantum physicist Dr. Jame.. more

Jaguar Land Rover Teams up with Connected Energy for Power Battery Re-use

Connected Energy, an integrated energy storage solution provider, announced to cooperate with Jaguar Land Roger, in order to carry out the power battery reuse plan that is worth 1.3 million British pounds and build critical components in the val.. more

Toyota Adds Two Lithium-Battery Plants

Primearth EV Energy (PEVE), a joint venture of Toyota and Panasonic, has doubled down on its expansion plan for HV (hybrid vehicle) lithium-ion battery production, announcing on July 18 to quintuple its capacity, instead of the scale of t.. more

Nanowires Lowers Flammability of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Scientists have discovered that application of nanowires can not only lower the flammability of lithium-ion batteries but also strengthen their performances, according to a paper published in "Nano Letter" journal of the U.S. The .. more

Re-purposed Byproducts of Paper-making Become the Electrode of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

The energy densities of lithium-sulfur batteries are at least twice as much as that of their rival Li-ion batteries of the same weight. Therefore, scientists are highly interested in developing rechargeable lithium-sulfur batteries. There is .. more

Cobalt Prices Soared by More Than 20% in 1Q18, Bringing More Price Pressure to Lithium-ion Batteries

According to the latest data from EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce, cobalt prices continued to rise in 2018 and soared by more than 20% in the first quarter. The rise of raw material prices results from short-term capital speculation and high supplier concentration. T.. more

With Self-heating Effect, Li Metal Anode's Dendrites Will Become Smooth

Lithium (Li) metal anode battery's energy density is far higher than that of graphite anode's Li-ion battery. However, Li-metal anode battery's severe dendrite issue makes it hard to commercialize in a huge scale. However, scientists.. more