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Analysts: Chinese Businesses Ready for the Possible Minor Consolidation in the Lithium Mining Industry amidst Surging Lithium Prices

published: 2021-10-18 9:30 | editor | category: News
According to the coverage of Bloomberg News, the price of lithium, a critical element in the batteries of electric vehicles, has been constantly surging recently, but analysts believe that the relevant transaction rush for this material will not deteriorate accordingly, despite record-breaking prices. ...  more

SVOLT to Invest CNY 22 Billion in a New 60GWh Battery Production Base in Chengdu

published: 2021-10-01 9:30 | editor | category: News
Battery manufacturer SVOLT has signed an agreement with the municipal government of Chengdu to build a 60GWh battery production base. Chinese website Gasgoo reported that SVOLT will invest CNY 22 billion to build a battery production plant and an R&D center in Jianzhou New Town, a district for advanced industries in the eastern part of Chengdu. ...  more

Rosatom to Build a 3GWh Battery Production Base in Kaliningrad

published: 2021-09-27 9:30 | editor | category: News
Energy news websites and other media outlets have reported that Russian state-owned energy company Rosatom has chosen Kaliningrad as the location for its new manufacturing base for lithium-ion batteries. Bordering between Poland and Lithuania, the Kaliningrad Oblast remains strategically vital to Russia’s interests in the Baltic Region. ...  more

CATL and BASF Sign Framework Agreement to Collaborate on CAM Production and Battery Recycling

published: 2021-09-20 9:30 | editor | category: News
Chinese battery manufacturer and German chemical supplier BASF jointly announced on September 16 that they have signed a strategic framework agreement to collaborate on battery recycling and production of cathode active materials (CAMs). This partnership will support not only CATL in its localization efforts in Europe but also BASF in its global expansion. ...  more

VW Will Invest EUR 70 Million in Facilities for Battery Research

published: 2021-09-13 9:30 | editor | category: News
Automotive giant VW held an event celebrating the opening of its new EV battery R&D center in the German city of Salzgitter on September 13. In its press release about the event, the company also announced that it will be committing more resources into building up its expertise in battery technologies so as to progress forward in developing its own powertrain systems for EVs. ...  more

CATL to Release Commercial Sodium-Ion Batteries that Charge to 80% in 15 Minutes

published: 2021-09-10 9:30 | editor | category: News
A little sprinkle of salt adds flavor to dishes. Will adding salt to batteries ascend it to a brand new realm? CATL recently released the first sodium-ion battery for EVs, and claims that the energy density has arrived at 160Wh/kg, where a power of 80% can be achieved by a charging time of merely 15 minutes. The battery operates normally under a low temperature environment, and is able to maintain 90% capacity under -20°C. ...  more