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Lithium Battery Manufacturing Process

published: 2011-06-30 14:38 | editor | category: Knowledge
Lithium battery requires highly strict and complex manufacturing techniques and technologies that mainly comprise the following steps. 1. Paste Mixing: This process involves mix of battery paste additives to produce active pos...  more

3-D Lithium-ion Batteries will be Perfect Choice for Evs

published: 2011-06-17 14:14 | editor | category: News
Scientists from ColoradoState University presented their prototype design for a new, lithium-ion battery. The new lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery has already been available in a prototype version, with a three-dimensional interior ...  more

Battery Capacity Variation with Technology Advancement

published: 2011-06-10 14:57 | editor | category: Knowledge
There has been significant progress in the technology development of batteries adopted in electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV): in addition to the increased energy density, the battery can be recharged for t...  more

Boston-Power Unveils Latest EV Battery Offering

published: 2011-06-10 14:17 | editor | category: News
Boston-Power, Inc., the rapidly growing provider of next-generation lithium-ion battery cells, modules and systems, today announced its new Swing Key™ blocks. The company is showcasing the new products this week at AABC Eu...  more

Tips for Maintenance of Electric Bike Batteries

published: 2011-06-03 11:07 | editor | category: Knowledge
The popularization of electric bikes has brought great convenience to consumers. The maintenance of batteries used in these electric bikes becomes a common issue that owners should be aware of. Here are four tips for easy mainte...  more


published: 2011-06-02 10:02 | editor | category: Event
  Event: BATTERIES 2011 –13th edition Venue: CANNES –MANDELIEU, FRANCE Date: 28th –29th –30th September 2011 Organized By: Avicenne Developpement Introduction: BATTERIES 2...  more