Premium Electric Automaker NIO Uses Panasas ActiveStor Storage to Accelerate Product Design and Development

Panasas®, the leader in performance scale-out network-attached storage (NAS), today announced that NIO, a pioneer in China’s premium electric vehicle market, has selected Panasas ActiveStor® storage technology to support the ongoing product.. more

Unlikely Alliance Join Forces To Keep California In The Lead Of The Electric Car Race

On October 4th, an unlikely alliance of public and industry leaders joined forces in an unusual show of unity to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in California. This powerhouse of leaders, representing every major player in the transportation sector, announced the.. more

SKI Innovation Plans to Build Electric-Car Battery Factory in the U.S.

SK Innovation of South Korea is considering to establish electric-car battery factory in the U.S., in order to consolidate its business in the market, the largest worldwide, announced the company on Monday. The announcement was made, as a pr.. more

World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Trains Travel Silently on Germany’s Railways

Hydrogen fuel cells are one of the prospective alternatives to traditional fossil fuels and have been applied to various type of vehicles, including sedans and buses. Since hydrogen fuel cells do not produce carbon emission, governments around the.. more

YAMAHA Allies With Gogoro in Pushing Electric Motorcycles

Gogoro, renowned electric-motorcycle brand in Taiwan, has allied with YAMAHA of Japan in R&D on a new electric-motorcycle model, scheduled for rollout in summer 2019, which will be marketed under YAMAHA brand utilizing the battery.. more

UQM Technologies Receives New Order to Supply Lightning Systems in Key Fleet EV Programs

UQM Technologies, Inc. has announced it has received an order from Lightning Systems for UQM’s eDT 220 electric propulsion systems for use in several new projects, including Class 6 vehicles for Zeem Solutions, located in New York, and a city bus program fo.. more

GM Forced to Postpone Production Due to China’s Unqualified Electric Car Battery

China has introduced “dual credits” that require automakers to sell a certain proportion of electric vehicles. GM is keen to sell electric cars in China, only to be exposed to the concerns of China’s battery industry when it com.. more