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Tesla Is in Talks with German and Dutch Authorities to Build a Gigafactory in Europe

The entry of major auto makers and new startups has greatly ratcheted up the competition in the global electric vehicle (EV) market. Tesla Inc., which has been the flamboyant pioneer in this field, is now compelled to accelerate its overseas expa.. more

Japan Plans to Convert Sedans to Electric Models Entirely by 2050

In line with the global carbon-abatement trend, the Japanese government has planned to convert all Japanese-made sedans sold worldwide to electric models, including hybrid cars and hydrogen-fueled electric cars, by 2050, thereby cutting carbon emis.. more

EU to Introduce Hydrogen Cars to Europe via ZEFER Program

In view of the irresistible electric-car trend, the European Union has planned to introduce 180 hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) to three European cities, for testing their performance and the efficiency of hydrogen-filling station.. more

New U.K. Buildings and Streets Must Have Charging Bases for Electric Cars

New buildings, streets, and streetlamps in the U.K. must be furnished with charging bases for electric cars, according "Road to Zero" program just released by the U.K government on July 9. The program is part of the government&#.. more

UK’s EV Fleet Will Reach 36 Million by 2040 and Put Pressure on National Grid

A recent webinar held by UK’s National Grid Electricity Transmission PLC forecast that the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on UK’s roads will reach around 11 million in 2030 and 36 million in 2040. The UK is one of the.. more

Global Electric Vehicle Market Continues to Expand as Power Battery Prices Decrease, Says EnergyTrend

The global electric vehicle market continues to expand while the oil prices increase, power battery prices decrease, and countries have been proposing stricter CO2 emission targets for vehicles. EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce, forecasts that the market share of elec.. more

Rumor Busted! Panasonic Expressed Willingness to Re-invest in Tesla Gigafactory

Rumor has it that the battery giant Panasonic might not re-invest in Tesla's Gigafactory for the sake of investment risk, according to the Japanese media. By contrast, Reuters broke news that Panasonic said on July 2 that upon the request.. more