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Tesla celebrates opening of Milan store on Feb. 11

published: 2011-02-08 9:28 | editor | category: News
MILAN, Italy -- Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors is celebrating the opening of its first showroom in Italy on February 11 with a VIP gala in the capital of haute couture. Tesla's first store in Italy is at Via Cerva...  more

Tesla Launches Battery Recycling Program throughout Europe

published: 2011-01-31 9:57 | editor | category: News
Unique eco-friendly approach recovers important metals and reduces carbon footprint. Tesla Motors has launched a comprehensive strategy to recycle its industry-leading battery packs throughout Europe. Deutsch At the end of their l...  more

Investment Environment by Countries – China (1)

published: 2011-01-27 13:37 | editor | category: Knowledge
Though Chinese market lagged in the early stage of EV development, technology and introduction of new model seemed to be catching up with those of other advanced countries in recent years. According to Chinese government’s l...  more