The 13th AsiaSolar Photovoltaic Innovation Exhibition & Cooperation Forum

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The 13th AsiaSolar Photovoltaic

Innovation Exhibition & Cooperation Forum


The 2nd China Distributed & Household PV Brand to Join the Exhibition

Date4-6 September, 2018

Place: Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing (No.2739 West Guangfu Road)




Organized by:

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT)

Photovoltaic Green-ecosystem Organization(PGO)

China Household Photovoltaic Brand-Promotion Alliance(CHPBA)

Executed by:

Shanghai Ailing Exhibition Co., Ltd.




AsiaSolar is the world's leading high-end Photovoltaic Conference,the full name is AsiaSolar PV Innovative Technology Exhibition&Cooperation Forum,it is held in Shanghai every year, in the period,three-day exhibition,two-day forum,an Asian photovoltaic innovation figure & enterprise award ceremony.


With experience of twelve years on holding AsiaSolar PV forum&exhibition, 700 government and industrial principals, famous enterprise senior managers over the world have been successfully invited to the conference and given speeches and about 12,000 industrial experts from home and aboard have been attended to the conference, over 3,000 PV enterprises have been attracted to take part in the exhibition and nearly 280,000 audiences have visited it.


This exhibition and forum to innovation&cooperation as the theme, will focus on building a healthy eco industrial chain of photovoltaic power plants, promote actively the development of distributed PV and household PV, promote the "The Belt and Road" and photovoltaic enterprises to go out.


A large number of advanced PV equipment manufacturing enterprises, Photovoltaic products manufacturing enterprises ,EPC, testing and certification, operation and maintenance, the Internet, investment companies, banks, insurance companies, etc.are attracted to attend  Asia PV Innovation Exhibition every year,to demonstrate innovative technologies, products and models, to invite relevant national departments, industry organization leading experts from domestic and foreign , entrepreneurs gather in Shanghai,attend the forum to explore the industry's innovation development and cooperation.



Asia PV Innovation Exhibition has been committed to continuously find and tap the innovative vitality of photovoltaic enterprises, and the implementation of docking social capital and integration of resources, promote its rapid growth and even lead the industry. Whether it is in the industry's opening up, or the downturn, prosperity stage, Asia photovoltaic Innovation Exhibition is consistent, adhere to the service industry, service enterprises, always walk on the professional innovation road.


On August 24-26,2017,the 12th Asia PV Innovation Exhibition&the 1st Distributed and Household PV Brand to join the Exhibition was held successfully at Shanghai Convention&Exhibition Center of International Sourcing. There were 300 exhibitors,20000m2 exhibition scale,nearly 20000 professional visitors at the exhibition, 100 speakers from the forum during the same period,nearly 600 industry professionals attended the conference.At the same time,with CCTV continuing cooperation, 2017Asia PV Innovation Outstanding Contribution Figure Award,Asia PV Innovation Figure Award,Asia PV Innovation Enterprise Award,the 1st Household PV Brand Award ceremony were held. CCTV1,CCTV2,CCTV7 interviewed on the spot, Xinhua Net、China Energy News、China Electric Power News,JSTV,ZJTV and industry renowned medias reported the conference.


Trina Solar,Longi Solar,JA,Hanergy,TBEA,Sungrow,Zhonghuan,Jinneng,Suntech,Jolywood,Almaden,China Electronic Science and Technology Electronics Equipment Group,Seraphim,Chint,SMA,Innergy,Akcome Greenhome,ZOOMLIGHT,Growatt,Sunny,Sanjing Electric,Goodwe,Ginlong,SOFARSOLAR,EDRI,Shanghai Baoye,Zhongnan,Power China,Tonking,Huangshan Runsol,Pantheon New energy,T-SUN New Energy,Kingstone,Nanjing Sunport,Nice Sun PV,Huntech,TUV SUD,CITIC Leasing, China Merchants New Energy,Fonrich,Novi,JU-smarttech,Shanghai Urban Electricity,Renewable Energy ,Senergy,UTTsolar, NEXTracker、(株)P&TECH、IBC SOLAR、Intego、GP SOLAR、KACO new energy、KREMPEL、Manz AG、MBJ Solution.and so on a large number of well-known enterprises have been attracted fully unveiled at the exhibition.


Mr. Zou Yiqiao, Former Director of National Energy Administration international cooperation division,Mr. Liu Danyang, deputy director general of Ministry Commerce of the People’s Republic of China Trade Remedy and Investigation Bureau, Mr. Wang Guiqing,Vice Chairman of CCCME, Ms. Lv Fang, PV special committee secretary general from China Renewable Energy Society, Mr. Shen Wenzhong, Director of Solar Energy Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Mr. Gao Jifan, Chairman of CPIA&President of Trina Solar, Mr. Wang Shijiang, Vice Secretary General of CPIA, Mr. Jin Baofang, Chairman of CCCME PV Branch&President of JA Solar, Mr. Cao Renxian, Executive President of PGO &Chairman of the board of SUNGROW power supply Ltd., Mr. Zhong Baoshen, Executive Vice President of China New Energy Chamber of Commerce &Chairman from Longi Green Energy Technology Co.,Ltd., Mr. Zhao Zhenyuan, Chairman of New Energy Branch of CIITA&Chairman of The IT Electronics Eleventh Design & Research Institute Scientific and Technological Engineering Corporation Limited (EDRI), Mr. Shen Haoping, General Manager of Zhonghuan Electronic information Group &Chairman of Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Jidong, Chairman of the board of China Electronic Science and Technology Electronics Equipment Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Guo Wei, General Manager of Power China (Guizhou) Engineering Corp., Mr. Lin Jianwei, President

of JOLYWOOD,Mr. Li Wenxue,President of Longi Solar, Mr. Lu Chuan, President of CHINT New EnergyDevelopment (Zhejiang)Co.,Ltd., Mr. Lin Jinxi, Chairman of the board of Changzhou Almaden Co.,Ltd., Mr. He Shuangquan, President of Wuxi Suntech Power Co.,Ltd.,Mr. Chen Ronghua,President of Sunrain Group etc. attended the forum and special meeting.


/ EXHIBITION CONTENT / (Two Exhibition Hall,20000m2)

1) PV innovative technology &product and related manufacturing equipment, such as crystalline silicon, thin films, components, etc.

2) PV related innovative products such as inverter, energy storage, glass, backplane, support, tracker, tester, etc.

3) Innovative technology of PV system and PV power station design construction and management

4) Micro grid, smart grid and other energy Internet technology innovation

5)Investment& financing institution of PV power station with innovative modes

6) Household PV brand to join the exhibition area

7) PV innovative demonstration engineering and demonstration parks


The morning of September 4, Key-note speech

domestic and foreigngovernments and in charge persons of organization, experts, entrepreneurs representatives make key-note speeches


The afternoon of September 4, High-end dialogue

Dialogue (1):Policy, market innovation development

Dialogue (2):PV Technology innovation development

Dialogue (3): Household PV innovation development


The evening of September 4, Award dinner 

2018 Asia PV Innovation Excellence Contribution Award

2018 Asia PV Innovation Figure Award

2018 Asia PV Innovation Enterprise Award  

2018 China Household PV Brand Award

Preside award ceremonyby CCTV famous anchor, CCTV shooting


September 5   Sub-forum

Topic on Sub-forum: Innovation of battery components, inverter , tracking system,energy storage technology

Topic on Sub-forum: Innovation mode of The Belt and Road, household PV, PV power plant design, construction , operation and maintenance


September 5   Dinner  The final of the voice of PV


Participating conditions: There are innovative products,innovative technologies or innovative business modes; The enterprise has a certain scale of operation; There is no bad credit record; Participate in the Asian Photovoltaic Exhibition  


Selection Awards:

2018 Asia PV Innovation Excellence Contribution Figure Award

2018 Asia PV Innovation Figure Award

2018 Asia PV Innovation Enterprise Award

2018 China Household PV Brand Award


Selection process:companies and figures participating in the innovation prize can recommend themselves or others and apply for application form from the committee.The expert jury combine with the overall situation, select out all awards


Selection time:The deadline of application is July 30, 2018, review will be started on August 1,announced the winners and award on the evening of September 4

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