3rd Diamond Wire Sawing and Black Silicon Technology Forum 2018

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Based on the advantages of low silicon consumption, high cutting efficiency, low auxiliary material cost and cutting thin silicon wafers, the combination of diamond wire sawing (DWS) multi-Si wafer and black silicon technology is becoming the standard for multi-Si solar cell. ITRPV 2018 shows P-type multi-Si cell global market share is about 39% in 2025, which is comparable to P-type mono-Si cell. The continuous R&D and optimization of DWS process and black silicon technology is particularly important for improving the performance and strengthening market competitiveness of multi-Si cells and modules. 
Due to the impact of China’s 2018 PV New Policy, the diamond wire is seriously over-capacity. Enterprises with low technical level will be eliminated, with the ability to control the cost and ensure quality will occupy a large market share after the industry recovers. DWS process is developing towards the thinning of diamond wire, thinning of silicon wafer and intelligent cutting process, which requires a better quality diamond wire to match the higher performance cutting machine.
DWS multi-Si wafer has a high reflectance, and the surface of silicon wafer cutting by thinner diamond wire is brighter and the damaged layer is shallower. Texturing additive technology, pretreatment technology or black silicon technology can solve texturing difficulty of DWS multi-Si wafers. Texturing additive technology does not change the original equipment, increase special additives, and reduce the wafer reflectivity to near normal level. Black silicon technology can optimize the trapping effect and improve the efficiency of multi-Si solar cells. The black silicon technology is divided into two routes: dry black silicon and wet black silicon. Each has its own advantages and has been mass-produced, and can be further upgraded and optimized.
According to ASIACHEM Consulting, China's black silicon production capacity has reached 25GW in the first half of 2018. Black silicon technology has great development potential, single-sided texturing can double the production capacity and further reduce the cost. The combination of black silicon and PERC, SE and MWT technology can further improve the mass production efficiency of multi-Si cell. Black silicon cell can also be applied to bifacial, MBB, halfcut-cell and shingled modules. With the advancement of black silicon supporting conductive paste and metallization technology, cell efficiency is expected to continue to increase. In addition, black silicon technology can also be used for mono-Si wafers, especially for the best choice of ingot casting silicon wafers.
3rd Diamond Wire Sawing and Black Silicon Technology Forum 2018 will be held on 12 September in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. The upcoming conference will discuss PV industry outlook and mono-Si & multi-Si competitive analysis, DWS process and black silicon technology market prospects, DWS process development direction, dry black silicon and wet black silicon technology upgrade and cost reduction, application prospect of black silicon technology in mono-Si and ingot casting wafer, conductive paste and metallization solution of black silicon cell, combined application of black silicon cell and other efficiency improvement technologies, etc.
The notice is as follows:
1. PV industry outlook and DWS & black silicon market prospects
2. DWS intelligent development and production efficiency improvement 
3. Advantage analysis and thinning of plating diamond wire and resin diamond wire
4. DWS wafer thinning trend and fragmentation rate control
5. DWS coolants and silicon powder recycling technology
6. DWS multi wafer texturing technology comparison——additives, black silicon and pretreatment
7. Dry black silicon process equipment optimization and capacity improvement
8. Trough and chain wet black silicon mass production experience and environmental protection solutions
9. Wet black silicon further cost reduction direction - single-sided texturing
10. Wet black silicon technology upgrade——enhance solution life, broaden process window and simplify process equipment
11. Metal-free catalytic black silicon process development and application
12. Black silicon solar cell paste and metallization solutions
13. Application of black silicon technology in ingot casting and mono-Si wafer
14. Combined applications of black silicon cell and other efficiency improvement technologies——PERC, SE and MWT
15. Black silicon cell applied to bifacial, MBB, halfcut-cell and shingled modules
16. Black silicon solar cells CTM loss solutions——encapsulating process and material optimization
B.    Conference Day:September 12, 2018
C.   Conference Venue:Sheraton Changzhou Xinbei Hotel 
D.   Registration Date:September 11, 2018   16:00 -21:00
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