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F9900 Series from Brave C&H Gains Widespread Praise in Solar Industry for Successfully Revolutionizing Screen Printing Process

Once relatively unnoticed, the precision screen printing industry is forging a successful path into the growing global solar energy market. Taiwan’s Brave C&H Supply Co. Ltd., a major supplier of screens, printing equipment, and rela.. more

Mono-Si PERC Cells May Reach High Efficiency up to 24%! Heraeus Still Anticipates Opportunities for Multi-Si and N-type Technologies

The PV market in 2018 has experienced considerable changes. Some policies are vague, while different trends emerge in supply chains of mono-Si and multi-Si products. N-type cells join the competition again, while other solutions such as bifac.. more

SMA Leads PV Inverter Market with Global Installation above 65 GW

In SNEC 2018, EnergyTrend learnt that Germany's SMA global installation exceeded 65 GW. Established 37 years ago, this world’s first inverter company still leads the industry. The ennexOS comes first in the industry SMA China has a long history .. more

BIG SUN Licensing Integrated iPV Tracker Technology Globally

Amid the increasingly acute competition of the PV power energy market, bifacial PV modules and solar-tracking systems have prevailed over traditional fixed PV system with single-sided modules, thanks to their much higher efficiency. iPV .. more

iPV Tracker's High Flexibility in Both Design and Solution

In Jan. 2018, when the strongest cold front in 48 years hit Japan, a 4.4 MW PV power plant on Mount Akagi of Gunma Prefecture kept on operating normally, amid snow 20 centimeters thick. In Yamagata Prefecture, where the snow had alre.. more

Heraeus PV Stages Remarkable Performance with Reliable Technology, Strong Service, and Bold Vision

With the center of the global PV industry and market having shifted to Asia in recent years, the share of Germany, which used to be a PV industry bastion, has plunged to less than 2% in terms of PV installations in 2017. However, the country.. more

iPV Tracker Boasts Optimal Flexibility to Catch Up Technological Improvement in PV Industry

2017 has been an eventful year for the PV industry, as the yearly demand will top 100 GW, notably robust demands in emerging markets; half-cut cell and bifacial modules will commercialize soon, and black-silicon cells are posing grave threat on traditional mono-si and multi.. more