The Solar Glass and Reflector Value Chain

Solar modules require tempered solar glass to protect interior components against the elements. In thin film applications, glass function as a substrate for the deposit of the charging material, such as silicone. Coated glass forms the foundation for reflector technology used .. more

Reduce Building’s Energy Costs with Solar Ventilation Preheat Solution

Solar ventilation preheat refers to a solar wall or transpired solar collector, which heats air before it enters a structure. It provides a very efficient method of lowering a building energy costs with a clean renewable source of energy. Invented by engineer John Hollick of.. more

CIGS – Manufacturing A Solar Future

A solar-based Utopia would see solar panels on the roof of every building, and solar material integrated into the façade of each building. Every conceivable space that receives direct sunlight would be layered in solar material. Using solar cells, such maximization of .. more

Dynamics of the Photovoltaic Value Chain

According to a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), 67.5% of the worldwide electricity consumption comes from fossil fuels — coal (41%), natural gas (21%), and oil (5.5%). Nuclear energy provides 13.5% and hydro 15.9%. Wind 2.5% and solar energy provide.. more

Optofluidic Solar Power

The emerging field of optofluidics is offering new techniques for directing light and concentrating with it microscopic precision where it can be most efficiently used. This has the potential for greatly increasing the efficiency of existing solar energy systems such as PV.. more

Solar Inverter: Regulating Voltage for Transmission Lines

One major challenge for utility-scale solar developments, across the global community, concerns access to high-voltage transmission lines. Transmission lines move power from the generation plant to the area of power demand. The lack of available transmission capacity presen.. more

Thin Film Solar Cells & the Construction Industry

The prospect of harnessing solar energy to meet the energy demands of the 21st century offers a clean and reliable solution to one of the biggest issues facing the human population. Going forward, how we source our energy and how we use this energy are two aspects to the ene.. more