World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Trains Travel Silently on Germany’s Railways

Hydrogen fuel cells are one of the prospective alternatives to traditional fossil fuels and have been applied to various type of vehicles, including sedans and buses. Since hydrogen fuel cells do not produce carbon emission, governments around the.. more

Motech Lays Off Over 300 Foreign Workers

Following closure of its crystal-growth plant in June and major loss in Q2, announced in August, Motech Industries, Taiwan's leading solar energy firm, laid off some 300 foreign laborers by revoking employment contracts ahead of schedule in.. more

Germany Is the Top Runner of EU's Wind Power Installation; Its Auction Rules and Upper Limit of Installation Will Draw Attention in the Future

Germany's power system heavily relies on wind energy. Its wind farms generated more power than all of the other state’s wind power in the European Union in 2015. The wind power's share of Germany's total power generation reache.. more

Norwegian Unmanned Sailboat Crosses the Atlantic on Wind and PV Power

Norwegian unmanned sailboat "Sailbuoy" recently successfully crossed the Atlantic traveling 5,100 kilometers in 80 days on wind and PV power, marking a milestone for application of PV power and auto piloting technology in shipping and.. more

New U.S. Solid Lithium Battery Consists of Millions of 3D Nano Batteries

The University of Maryland has rolled out an innovative solid lithium battery, which, with the size of only a stamp, consists of millions of 3D micro-batteries. Despite its minuscule size, each 3D micro-battery has sufficient surface area to ac.. more

EnergyTrend Launches "Solar Powering Taiwan: Special Report"

Taiwan develops its solar energy system starting from rooftop projects and then moves toward ground-mounted PV power plants. Development of rooftop PV projects has been steadily on its track. Within the framework of Taiwan government's 20 GW solar goal by 2025, the .. more

Sony Pledges to Consume Only Green Certified Electricity by 2040

Sony Corp., the global technology giant based in Japan, announced on 10 September that it has joined the Global Initiative RE100 and will be raising the share of renewable generation in its power usage from the current level of 7% to 100% by 2.. more