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Nano Material MXene Can Boost the Efficiency of Peroskite PV Cell by 25%

published: 2019-10-18 0:30 | editor | category: News
A team of Russian and Italian researchers have successfully developed a new type of Perovskite PV cell which utilizes a special nano material known as MXene to increase its performance. According to the researchers, the use of MXene can boost the efficiency of the PV cells for electric charge conversion by as much as 20%. ...  more

Floating Solar on the Rise in Renewable Energy

published: 2019-10-17 0:00 | editor | category: News
The floating photovoltaics, according to the World Bank’s report, has come a very long way. The first floating solar energy was built in Japan in 2007. Soon countries like France, Italy, South Korea, Spain, and the U.S. all followed suit and tested with their own installations of smaller scales, which are mainly for research and demonstration. ...  more

Swiss Firm Develops Energy Kites to Harvest Strong Winds at an Altitude of 500 Meters for Power Generation

published: 2019-10-16 15:25 | editor | category: News
A radical concept developed by a Swiss firm has upended the popular understanding that capturing wind energy for electricity generation requires tall wind turbines with huge blades erected on land or at sea. TwingTec, a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa), has developed an airborne wind energy (AWE) system that works similar to flying a kite. ...  more

California Faces Challenges in Energy Diversification and Maintaining Grid Stability as It Phases Out Natural Gas

published: 2019-10-10 0:30 | editor | category: News
California is currently in the process of making a full transition to green energies by 2045. However, the aggressive efforts by the state and local governments in moving toward this goal have also raised the urgent issue of finding ways to make up for the loss of power generation resulting from the decommissioning of fossil fuel power stations during the interim period. ...  more

New German Legislation Mandates Attainment of Carbon Abatement Goal

published: 2019-10-09 0:30 | editor | category: News
Germany has officially announced that it would be enacting the "Climate Change Act" on Sept. 20, which mandates the achievement of the goal to cut greenhouse-gas emissions by 55% from the 1990 level by 2030. The implementation of the plan is expected to cost an estimated 54 billion euros in total. ...  more