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Fisker Reduces Karma Emissions for the Netherlands

published: 2013-01-29 15:08

The Fisker Karma, the world’s first luxury Electric Vehicle with extended range (EVer™), is now rated to have emissions of just 47g/km CO2 in Europe, the lowest of nearly any passenger vehicle with an internal combustion engine.

Europe’s automotive regulatory body recently confirmed the certification, which makes the Fisker Karma luxury saloon one of the most ecological cars available in any category.

In the Netherlands this new certification puts the Karma in the same 0-50 g/km CO2 category as 100% zero-emission all-electric cars. Company cars that fall into this category purchased in 2013 are exempt from a CO2-based usage tax for up to five years. For Karma buyers that represents a savings of more than €8.700 per year, or more than €43.500 over the five year eligibility term, a significant amount to consider when making a purchase.

Fisker engineers were able to reduce Karma’s CO2 emissions to 47 g/km from 53 g/km, an improvement of 11%, by making software upgrades that minimize ancillary electrical losses and increase all-electric range 3.6% to 86 km, from 83 km.

Only Karmas sold in The Netherlands through authorized Fisker retailers, Fisker Hilversum and Fisker Breda, will feature the upgraded software.

Current Karma owners in the Netherlands can also bring their cars to these retailers to be fitted with the upgraded software for a small fee so that they, too, can reduce their impact on the environment and benefit from the reduced tax rates.

“Fisker applauds the Dutch government for taking the lead in helping to promote the purchase of cleaner running cars,” said Barny Koehler, Fisker CEO of Europe and Middle East. “Fisker is the only company in the world selling luxury cars that combine the power and efficiency of electricity with the range and freedom of petrol. We hope other companies, and other governments, join in to make exciting advanced technology vehicles like the Karma even more attractive to buyers so that we can continue to drive cars we love without compromise.”

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