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As a popular online media focusing on renewable energy,’s editors compiled two articles to reveal the most viewed issues in 2013 so they can separately discuss the “most popular stories” and the “hottest conversations.”


Most Popular Stories of 2013

No. 10: Top Ranked Alternative Energy Mutual Funds and ETFs for 2013

Published on January, this article provided a short and clear glance on alternative energy mutual funds with some graphics.

No. 9: Dutch Wind Turbine Purchase Sets World Crowdfunding Record

This article explained why crowdfunding is a good topic to watch as this is a new trend which gained a lot of concerns from readers.

No. 8: Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2013: Lessons Learned

Typically a good review, this issue offered a reflection on renewable energy stocks this year and suggested that green energy may soar.

No. 7: The Big Question: Can Countries Reach 100 Percent Renewable Energy?

Four experts conveyed their opinions on renewable energy and its possible limitation, and the most asked question.

No. 6: The Solar Energy Outlook for 2013

This is an outlook from the first day of 2013 and it actually had pointed out something happened.

No. 5: What Does Warren Buffett See in Solar?

Do you want to grasp anything from the world’s most famous CEO’s brain? Check out this article for his perspectives in solar energy.

No. 4: More Universities Offering Master's Degree Programs in Renewable Energy

As an increasing industry, it’s not difficult to understand why there are more degrees for renewable energy. This article provided readers some informative analysis.

No. 3: Tips on Seeking a Renewable Energy Degree

A very close yet different angle from the No. 3 article. It taught you how to get the ticket to get a job in this industry.

No. 2: Rank 'Em: The Most Solar-Friendly States in the US

A very informative article for people who live in the US; also, good for whom care the solar energy progression in every state.

No. 1: Solar Energy Battery Backup Under Attack in California?

Some of solar energy’s most disturbing problems were mentioned in this article. Its analysis and rich won it the most viewed article of 2013.

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Hottest Conversations of 2013 addresses a lot on its readers, replies and comments. It also keeps active with all the audiences who are interested in sharing their opinions. At the end of 2013, the editors compiled the top 10 articles by the comment number. Through this rank, we can find that people hold more concerns about the country’s future and some controversial topics.

No. 10: Net Metering Debate Rages On Despite Calls For Calm

No. 9: Resolutions To Reverse the Unsustainable Solar Industry

No. 8: Solar Energy Battery Backup Under Attack in California?

No. 7: Wood-based Biomass Blossoming in Asia

No. 6: Fueled vs Electric Cars: The Great Race Begins

No. 5: Cape Wind: Regulation, Litigation and the Struggle to Develop Offshore Wind Power in the U.S.

No. 4: How Obama Should Tackle Climate Change and Energy Independence in His Second Term

No. 3: America's Real Problem with Solar Energy

No. 2: Apple Delves Deeper into Renewable Energy, Offers Wind Energy Storage Concept

No. 1: Converting New York State Entirely to Renewable Energy: What Would It Look Like?

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