Mini Solar LED Tree Charger for Mobile Phones

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French designer Vivien Muller has created an ecofriendly solar mobile phone charger and LED lamp, Electree Mini, that resembles a bonsai tree.

Solar mobile phone charger and LED lamp, Electree Mini. (Photo Courtesy of Viviene Muller)

The mobile phone charger which comes in 600 mHA and 1,200 mHA models is made mainly of recyclable ABS plastic and polycarbonate, and can charge up in two to four hours on a sunny day.

Muller points out in his Indiegogo campaign that the charger uses high quality flexible solar panels made by PowerFilm, a U.S. solar manufacturer based in Ames, Iowa. Due to limitations of current PV technology, though, the tree is unable to charge up iPads or tablets.

Solar mobile phone charger and LED lamp, Electree Mini with USB line. (Photo Courtesy of Vivien Muller)

The charger can also be transformed into a LED luminaire by adding an optional LED component to the base of the charger. Solar cells act as light sensors that automatically light up the LEDs at dusk, and the colors cay be easily changed by rotating the Electree.

Solar mobile phone charger and LED lamp emits a warm orange glow. (Photo Courtesy of Vivien Muller)

As the second product crowdfuding project Muller has launched  the product is a smaller version of previous product Electree+ released in 2007 that the designer has discontinued because dissatisfaction in Chinese manufacturers product quality. Only 300 Electree were made before he terminated the product.

For those interested in backing Muller’s projects, the designer reminds the public that any existing Electree+ crowdfunding projects found online are scams. In the meantime, Electree Mini’s Indiegogo project will run from May 6-June 21, 2014.

Electree mini & Vivien Muller from Vivien Muller on Vimeo.

Source: LEDinside - Mini Solar LED Tree Charger for Mobile Phones

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