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Greenshine Introduces Nano Coating for Solar Street Lights

published: 2014-07-10 11:02

Solar street lights are ideal solutions to remote areas and green communities. Nonetheless, they are always exposed to dirt that may diminish the efficiency and reduce the lifespan because they are usually installed at high height for intensive sunshine. Nanotechnology introduced by Greenshine can help block the dirt, pollution and dust by applying a thin nanomaterial coat onto the solar panels.

Self-cleaning coat

The coating is hydrophobic thus keeping the PV cells free from any moisture and it is self-cleaning. This eliminates the need to constantly clean the panel which ensures that the panel always operates at an optimum efficiency. Having a solar panel that operates at maximum efficiency extends the life of the solar lighting unit as a whole.

This saves the owner of the panel the money that would have gone into buying commercial cleaning agents to clean the panels every few months or so. Since the lights are high they would require special equipment to reach which costs more money as well. The workload is also reduced because a self-cleaning panel will not require constant attention to ensure it is clean enough to achieve its maximum capabilities.

Advantages of nano-coat

The cleaning aids will of course have an effect on the environment so taking them out of the picture will give the environment a great boost. Time is also saved since cleaning a long stretch of street lights every few months is a time-consuming affair and the time can be used for other more important activities.

The coating will also lead to savings in production materials and reduction of wastage because it drastically reduces the number of spoilt panels within a given time. Much less will be used in terms of replacement and even recycling ensuring savings all round.


This very efficient extra coating would most definitely come at a higher cost than regular panels. The benefits received however could easily outweigh the cost and prove it to be a worthwhile investment. The small addition eventually pays for itself with all the hard work aimed at protecting the panels.

Areas with severe weather conditions like deserts with extreme dust can benefit greatly from this innovation because it would be much more costly to clean the panels in those areas. A large number of solar panels would benefit from this innovation as well because it makes the most of the panels’ capabilities and enables them to operate with minimal interruption which ensures that the users reap the full benefits for much longer.

(Photo Credit: Greenshine)

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