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FedEx Celebrates Grand Opening at New York’s First Solar-Ready Business Park

published: 2014-09-24 14:51

FedEx Trade Networks opens its new environmentally-advanced facility at Riverview Solar Technology Park. The cutting-edge office and distribution facility streamlines the company’s operations and provides several unique features that promote environmental sustainability.

With the opening of Riverview, FedEx Trade Networks consolidated its local workforce from multiple locations for greater efficiency, enhanced collaboration and a smaller carbon footprint. The new facility utilizes sustainability technologies including solar energy panels, low-flow water consumption and dedicated bio-beds, which provide underground water retention for storm water management and soil erosion control, reducing impact on the native vegetation significantly.

“FedEx Trade Networks has deep roots in the Buffalo-Niagara region, and we are proud to lead the way for businesses to operate more responsibly with the environment and local community top of mind,” said Jack Muhs, president and CEO, FedEx Trade Networks. “Our operations at the Riverview Solar Technology Park will be a model for environmental corporate responsibility through a committed investment in renewable energy and green building best practices.”

The facility is the first in New York with Advanced Solar Architecture (ASA). ASA systems generate electricity through solar technology and provide additional benefits such as shading, with wind and rain protection. The thermal mass building construction possesses Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) characteristics expected to reduce energy costs by 30-40%, and includes energy efficient lighting throughout. The building also uses a 100kW solar array, predicted to replace 1,000,000 kWh of fossil fuel-sourced electricity over the 10-year lease.

By using low-flow technology and fixtures in the building, FedEx Trade Networks has already reduced water consumption by approximately 50% when compared to usage of standard fixtures. The company is also the first tenant to have its own bio-beds. Additionally, the solar campus is recognized as a New York State Shovel-Ready Certified Site, and is known as a low-impact green business park, limiting the unnecessary removal of trees for the convenience of construction.

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