Weekly Review 0720~0731

published: 2015-07-31 18:26 | editor: | category: News

As it enters into solar industry’s high season, solar projects has boomed and triggered stronger demand to solar products. Yet the focus during these two weeks is not about constructions – the focus is “policy.” Policy unveiled by governments and policy introduced by solar companies.

Mergers and acquisitions seem to be as important as forming alliances and strategic partnerships. For better strategy developments, merging with companies that are complementary to each other are more effective than allocating new production lines or establishing a new channel. Tongwei Group announced to purchase 10% of Gintech Energy’s share, while SunEdison will acquire Vivint Solar and Mark Group for the two companies’ rooftop PV expertise. Both of the cases unveil a future trend, of mergers and acquisition for vertical and/or horizontal integration.

The other focus is bold solar installation announced or planned by China, India and USA, countries that are already leaders and the future leader of the global solar markets. Hilary Clinton announced her manifesto to install 500 million of solar panels – approximately 145~150GW – across the U.S. in her firs term if she were elected. Although the policy is so bold that it requires complete implement to achieve, we can take a glance to the future’s solar market through the three countries’ solar installation targets, which are all above 100GW by 2022.

(Photo Credit: Derek Mayer shared by CC 2.0)

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