Weekly Review August 3 ~ 14

published: 2015-08-14 18:27 | editor: | category: News

Global solar industry is hot – demands are stronger in the August as order visibility is higher than in July; yet the industry is also flat because the strong demand can’t trigger rapid increase of spot prices. “High demand volume and flat price trend” could explain the recent situation of the industry.

Advanced and innovative technology is a method for companies to get rid of the predicament. The next generation PV technologies such as N-type cells, HIT cells, IBC cells, and others, would pave new ways toward higher conversion efficiency and lower production cost and bring companies better profits. In the meantime, efficiencies of PERC-processed PV cells are reaching higher and higher performance record, and this technology is projected to dominate the mainstream PV market in recent years.

Strategic allocations and deployments are also crucial for PV companies. In addition to establishing portfolios or companies in potential markets, it is necessary for companies to collaborate with others so that they could quickly expanding their services for firmer market position.

President Obama has unveiled the Clean Power Plan and will fight against coal and fossil fuel. This aggressive policy might create more opportunities for renewable resources.

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