2nd China International Intelligent Vehicle Forum 2017 - ICV Network Information Security Cannot Be Ignored

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16-17 November 2017∣Shanghai·China

Human-Vehicle-Transportation, The New Age for Total Perception Innovation


With the electronics, information, communication, AI and other technologies to accelerate the integration of the automotive industry, the development trend of auto products are accelerating to the intelligent and networking. Therefore, information security of intelligent network area also the subject to industry attention.

The top-level design policy system has created a good environment for the development of ICV, also get technical support from big data, cloud computing and AI. At the same time, a significant problem is that vehicle network is also likely to completely open the hacker intrusion ICV channel. Each of ICV external interfaces can be malicious use, each control unit may be hacker attacks, virus infection, therefore, ICV information security protection is also doubling the difficulty.

2nd China International Intelligent Vehicle Forumwill be directed at the intelligent network of automotive information security topics include Tencent Keen Lab, 360 Qihoo, Bang Bang security, China Mobile, China Unicom and other industry authorities will deeper analysis of the vehicle network information security issue this time. The forum will include three sub-forums, site tour and dinner, nearly 300 people will come together to discuss the opportunities and strategies in Intelligent Network Vehicle Industry.


Forum Highlight

◆The Attendees:300+satisfied senior attendees every year comprising division makers from 80+ companies and over 20+countries worldwide
◆Participants Breakdown:17%+ of attendance from the ICV authorities and 25%+ from world famous vehicle OEMs
◆The Speaker Faculty:30+global powerful speakers with rich experience in this industry
◆The Networking Opportunity:24+ hours of networking time including champagne roundtables, docking meeting, VIP lunches and open Q&As

◆Event Forms:3forums, 1dinner


Forum Structure

Forum 1: Intelligent Connected Vehicle Development Trend Analysis, Domestic and Foreign Project Analysis and Intelligent Transportation


Forum 2: Telematics Technology and V2X Future Development

²  Cater to China 2025, Promote the Development of Intelligent Connected Vehicle

²  Mart Cars, V2X, Vehicle Information Services: The Structure and Phase of Point, Line and Network

²  Intelligent Vehicle Tech Innovation Revolution

²  ITS/ICV Development Should be Divided into Different Stages

²  The Convergence of ITS and ICV Development


²  Opportunities and Challenges for Automotive Semiconductors

²  Discussion on the Latest Technology of Telematics

²  Application of 4G Network in the Automotive Industry

²  Time Share Lease-Building a Nation Shared Vehicle

²  Integration of Smart Cars and Mobile Internet Operation

Forum 3: Intelligent Vehicle ADAS Driving Assistance System and Autonomous Driving Technology


Site Tour: 15th November 2017

²  Discussion the Solution of ADAS and Autonomous Driving

²  Performance and Matching Test of ADAS Driving Assistance System

²  Importance and Development Prospect of HMI used in Autonomous Driving

²  Importance of High Precision Maps for Intelligent Driving

²  Radar and Sensor Core Technology of Driving Assistance System


1.Visit Shanghai TRW Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd

2.Visit Shanghai Intelligent Connected Vehicle Pilot Demonstration Area (Booked, only available when no testing)

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to see you in the 2nd China International Intelligent Connected Vehicle Forum 2017 in Shanghai China.

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