BATTERY JAPAN 2018―9th Int’l Rechargeable Battery Expo

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Japan’s Battery―driving force behindthe industry!

BATTERY JAPAN 2018―9thInt’l Rechargeable Battery Expo 

Dates: February 28[Wed] - March 2[Fri], 2018  Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan



BATTERY JAPAN  2018―9th Int’l Rechargeable Battery Expo will be held from February 28 - March 2, 2018, organised by Reed Exhibitions Japan.  In addition to rechargeable battery, a total of 300 exhibitors including parts, manufacturing equipment, inspection, testing, and other maintenance services will be exhibited at the show. 


A number of exhibitors who are eager to sell their products to overseas buyers have been increasing year after year, and the electric vehicle industry has   played a big part in this increase.


According to Fuji Keizai Marketing Research Consulting Group, the number of electric vehicles (EV) sold in 2016 have increased 4 times from the previous year, with the total of 47 million units.


European carmakers have introduced many EV cars since then.  To name a few, all cars launched by Swedish carmaker, Volvo will be battery-powered by 2019. 

United Kingdom’s Jaguar and Land Rover plan to make all cars into electric vehicles to be introduced after 2020.  Major European carmaker, VW (Volkswagen) has also announced that they plan to make 300 types of EV or hybrid vehicles by 2025. 


As a result, many Japanese companies have started to focus more on developing and selling products to overseas.


[Keynote Session]

 Latest Examples of the Accelerating Development of Next-gen Batteries

Dates: March 2 (Fri.), 2018

Time: 10:30 - 12:30

※with simultaneous interpretation


Maxell's Only One Battery Technologies to Innovate the Next   

     Generation Society

     Yoshihiro Senzai, CEO, Chairman and Representative Director,

     Maxell Holdings, Ltd.

The Way of Sustainable Growth for Battery


     Tom Zhao, Managing Director, BYD Solar, BYD Company LTD.



Technical Conference

 Forefront of the Development of All-solid-state Battery Technology Raising Expectations for

    In-vehicle Use  

         Feb. 28Wed.Trends of Materials Research for Sulfide-based All-solid-state Lithium Ion Batteries

  Mar. 1Thurs. Current R&D Status of All-solid-state Batteries at Samsung

  Mar. 2Fri.   R&D toward Large-sized Oxide-based All-solid-state Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

 Evolution and Future Outlook of Electric Vehicles by the Latest Electric Technology

  Feb. 28Wed.EV Society―Toyota's Vision

  Mar. 1Thurs. BMW's Electrification Path―Potential and Challenges


  Mar. 2Fri.   Who Needs EV by 2025?

Increasing Importance of Safety Evaluation for Lithium Ion Batteries

  Feb. 28Wed.Safety Test of Lithium-ion Battery for Electric Vehicle

  Mar. 1Thurs. Current Status and Issues in Safety Standards for Battery Energy Storage

  Mar. 2Fri.   Direct Observation of Thermal Runaway of Lithium Ion Battery during Internal


            Short-circuit Test



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Organiser: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. 

                    World Smart Energy Week Show Management


Press Info: Chifeng Wang (Mr.), Mika Ohno (Ms.)  



Exhibiting Info: Mitsuru Takazawa (Mr.), Seungjoon Baek (Mr.), Chifeng Wang (Mr.) 



Visitor Info: Manami Ogawa (Ms.)



TEL:  81-3 3349 8576    

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