PV EXPO 2018 Reveals Widespread Deployment of Half-Cut Cells in Modules, Close Rivalry Between N-Type and PERC in the Market for Bifacial Products

Held annually in Tokyo, PV EXPO is one of the premier international trade shows for the solar industry. In addition to highlighting the state of Japan’s solar market and the future industry trends, the event also showcases the hottest module technologies of the ye.. more

Soochow U. Enables Solar Panels to Function During Rainy Days

The College of Nano Science and Technology of China's Soochow University has developed a combo solar panel/triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG), capable of power generation during rainy days. TENG is based on contact electrifica.. more

Solar Energy Industry in California Marks a Milestone

Thanks to sunny weather and continuous addition of new facilities, output and share of PV power in California has marked a milestone recently. Share of PV power topped 49.95% in March 4 in California, breaking the previous record of 47.2% on.. more

Battery Japan 2018 Focus on EV Application and Solid-State Technology

This year’s Battery Japan, a major annual trade show on rechargeable battery technologies, showed the continuing market interest in the lithium-ion battery (LIB) for the electric vehicle (EV). Large discussion forums were held durin.. more

Microsoft Closes Green-Energy Deal With Indian Firm

As a major green-energy buyer worldwide, Microsoft closed a deal recently with Indian energy supplier Atria Power, purchasing 3 MW PV power from the latter, which will meet 80% of the power need of its office in Bengaluru, capital of Karnat.. more

Motech and TECO Launch Joint PV Power Station

Motech, Taiwan's leading PV firm, and TECO, the largest motor manufacturer on the island, announced inauguration of a joint-venture PV power station in Guanyin of Taoyuan City, in northern Taiwan, on March 1. With its PV power generators installed on the roo.. more

Europe Sets Up Extensive Charging Network for Electric Vehicles

Aware of the inevitability of the electric-vehicle (EV) era, Europe has embarked on the setup of ultra-fast charging stations, in tandem with the fast developing EV industry. Five ultra-fast charging stations have been under construction o.. more