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SONNEN Extends Investment in sonnenBatterie Manufacturing and Innovation

Residential energy storage solution provider, sonnen, announced to establish a new North American Innovation Center in Atlanta, GA to improve its business strength in the U.S. market as well as the globe.

sonnen will combine its U.S. manufacturing operations, product research and development in the new facility. The new facility will help sonnen capitalize on its expertise in new product innovation for homeowners, utilities and new business channels and enable the company to quickly ramp up production capacity, ultimately making energy storage more affordable.

Meanwhile, sonnen unveiled to begin operation of the sonnen InnovationHub to make sonnenBatterie products in the second quarter of 2017.

"sonnen U.S. has experienced exponential sales growth over the past year, making the sonnen InnovationHub a smart investment to capitalize upon the immense potential of the North American energy storage market," said Christoph Ostermann, sonnen Group CEO. "We expect that linking our U.S. manufacturing and R&D teams in one facility will increase the rate of product innovation, and enable us to better adapt to the future needs of the high-growth U.S. residential energy storage market."

sonnen has installed over 16,000 battery storage systems for households and utilities. Its grid-connectable products can act as backup power, solar self-consumption device, and formation of a virtual clean energy power plant aggregating multiple systems.

A central InnovationHub also represents sonnen’s determination to contribute domestic industry in the U.S. by creating manufacturing, electrical, and mechanical engineering jobs. The sonnen InnovationHub will bring new clean tech jobs to the Southeast and a sonnen presence to the East Coast, complementing the company's office in Los Angeles, CA.

sonnen currently develops and manufactures the sonnenBatterie smart energy management systems in Germany, Atlanta and California.

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