Supply and Demand at All Sectors of the Supply Chain Vary, with Prices Continuing to Fall as a Whole, Except for High-efficiency Mono-si 2018-09-20
Demand Continues to Slump, Domestic and Overseas Market Trading Potential Varies 2018-09-13
Low Demand Leads to Continuous Fall of Supply Chain Prices 2018-09-06
PV Cell and Module Prices Become the Key to Supply and Demand amid Policy Uncertainties 2018-08-30
Spot Prices Continue to Bottom out, But Market Is Looking forward to a Rebound 2018-08-23
Upstream Demand Tends to Be Conservative, While Downstream International Market Prices Fluctuate Significantly 2018-08-16
Price Difference of Mono-si and Multi-si Wafers Narrows; Disruptive Policy Changes and Interaction between Supply and Demand Need to Be Viewed Rationally 2018-08-09
EnergyTrend Lithium Battery in IT Products and Power Application Market Report 2018-08-03
Impact of India’s Trade Barrier Is Limited under Initial Assessment, Market Demand Is Strong for Multi-si Products 2018-08-02
Supply and Demand from Each Sector Change Massively, Demand Will Still Emerge in Q3 2018-07-26
Inventory Control of Multi-si Wafer Becomes Effective, Supply and Demand Show Balanced Outcome 2018-07-19
Overall Supply and Demand on the Market Becomes Stable, Fluctuation on Chinese Market Extends to Overseas Market 2018-07-12
Overseas Demand and Orders from Vertically Integrated Manufacturers Contribute to Price Stability 2018-07-05
Industry Enters a Period of Adjustments, Trend of the Strong Is Becoming More Obvious 2018-06-28
China’s PV Industry Enters a Lull While Overseas Markets Are More Active 2018-06-21
630 Demand Will Come to an End, Leading to Stagnant Market Activity in Q3 2018-06-14
New Policy Is Released, Multi-si Supply Chain Lacks Market 2018-06-07
SNEC 2018 Shows the Mass Production of New Technologies, Yet the Supply Chain Price Still Lacks Support 2018-05-31
With SNEC 2018 Shanghai Approaching, Multi-si Market Expects High Demand 2018-05-24
China’s Domestic Demand Remains Weak, Mono-si and Multi-si Supply Chain Developments Continue to Diverge 2018-05-17