Polysilicon Market Bargaining Persists as Large-Scale Modules Increase in Prices 2020-11-12
Bargaining Prices Continue to Decline in Polysilicon Market with Decelerated Fluctuations in Prices of Cells and Modules 2020-10-08
Polysilicon Rallies While M6-Cell Modules Go Mainstream 2020-07-16
Multi Polysilicon Prices Rebounded Slightly Whereas Modules Continue to Hit New Lows 2020-06-18
Global PV Demand Recovers as Prices Stabilizes Across Supply Chain 2020-06-04
Demand at Home and Abroad Is Gradually Rising. High-Efficiency Modules Are Still the Market's First Choice 2020-05-07
M2 Wafer Prices Are Gradually Falling While Both the Demand and Supply Are Slowing Down 2020-03-26
Chinese Market Heats up as the Rest of the World Cools Down, Wafer Prices Are the First to Waver 2020-03-19
Excess Supply in Mono-Si Markets While Overseas Outbreak Development to Be Monitored 2020-03-12
Polysilicon Prices Continue to Rise While Overseas Market Demand Continues to Rise Steadily 2020-03-05
Upstream Mono-Si Products Are Heating up While Overseas Module Prices Fluctuate 2020-02-27
EnergyTrend 2020 Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Market Trend 2020-02-26
Overseas Demand Remains Persistent While Supply Is Expected to Improve in March 2020-02-20
The Pressure to Increase Price Is Mounting With the Overseas Downstream Prices Rising First 2020-02-13
Market Under Pressure of Outbreak. Prices Fluctuate as the Supply Chain Recovers (Or Not) 2020-02-06
The Price Difference Between Mono- and Multi-Si Widens While the Overseas Polysilicon Rises Slowly 2020-01-16
Domestic Module Prices Dipped Slightly With Businesses Halting the Production in Preparation for the Post -CNY Surge 2020-01-09
Multi-Si Products Continued Its Slow Decline While the Overall Market Remained Sluggish 2020-01-02
The Market Continued to Be Mixed With Hopes for a Brighter 2020 2019-12-26
The Stable Demand for Mono-Si Products Curbed the Price Decline While the Multi-Si Price Dropped in All Markets 2019-12-19