Demand Slowdown and Rising Stock Levels Lead to Unstable Price Movements 2019-03-21
Demand Change Affects Downstream Market, and Mono-si and Multi-si Product Market Orientation Becomes more Obvious 2019-03-14
Demand Enters a Turning Point, and Subsequent Policies will Affect the Annual Number of Installations 2019-03-07
PV Industry to Witness a New Wave of Demand as Market Activity Becomes Stable 2019-02-21
Price Increase Appears after CNY, and Positive Sign Results in Booming Market 2019-02-14
Si-wafer Price Increases at the End of the Year, Positive Momentum Expected after CNY 2019-01-31
Supply Chain Continues to Be Stable, and Price Variability after CNY Holiday Is Not Yet Clear 2019-01-24
PV Cell Demand Has Stayed Strong; Entire Supply Chain's Orders Will Last After CNY Holidays 2019-01-17
Market Price Was Remained Stable; the Supply End Used CNY Holidays to Adjust Capacity Distribution 2019-01-10
Solar Market Anticipates Favorable Policies for the New Year 2019-01-03
Supply and Demand Remain Balanced Due to Regional Market Demands 2018-12-27
Overseas Market Starts to Stock up for the 2019 New Year, and Market Transactions Continue to Heat up 2018-12-20
Market Dynamics Are Healthy and Industry Shows Positive Development 2018-12-13
Demand Momentum Gradually Spreads to the Supply Chain, and the Market Is Looking forward to Positive Interactions to Maintain the Growth Momentum 2018-12-06
Market Demand Is Gradually Rising; Capacity Supply is Critical to Manufacturers’ Survival 2018-11-29
Big Businesses Will Get Bigger; Policies Will Help Stimulate Demand 2018-11-22
Market Demand Is Steadily Warming up, and Industrial Development Is Expected to Get Better 2018-11-15
With Continued Subsidies, the Market Is Expected to Develop Smoothly 2018-11-08
PV Market Activity Remains Sluggish during the Peak Season 2018-11-01
Mono-si Wafer Price Decreases amid Growing Uncertainty in the Market 2018-10-25