The Price Difference Between Mono- and Multi-Si Widens While the Overseas Polysilicon Rises Slowly 2020-01-16
Domestic Module Prices Dipped Slightly With Businesses Halting the Production in Preparation for the Post -CNY Surge 2020-01-09
Multi-Si Products Continued Its Slow Decline While the Overall Market Remained Sluggish 2020-01-02
The Market Continued to Be Mixed With Hopes for a Brighter 2020 2019-12-26
The Stable Demand for Mono-Si Products Curbed the Price Decline While the Multi-Si Price Dropped in All Markets 2019-12-19
Mono- and Multi-Si Products Showed Mixed Developments While Polysilicon Price Continued to Drop 2019-12-12
The Mono-Si Market Is Looking up While the Overall Demand Has Not Improved 2019-12-05
Polysilicon Price Drops Worldwide While the Future Demand Remains Unclear 2019-11-28
shian-test-3y 2019-11-22
China Demand Lifts Mono-Si Product Price While the Multi-Si Remains Weak 2019-11-21
China Demand Lifts Mono-Si Product Price While the Multi-Si Remains Weak 2019-11-14
Overall Supply Chain on Downward Trajectory Except Polysilicon and Large Size Wafers 2019-11-07
Global PV Market Confidence Shaken by the Underperforming Chinese Market 2019-10-31
shian-test 2019-10-31
As the Price Difference Between the Downstream Products Narrows, Robust Demand Will Emerge Before the Chinese New Year 2019-10-17
With 204% Monthly Rise, Risen Energy Crowned as Solar’s New Powerhouse 2019-10-03
Overseas Multi Polysilicon Price Increases With Domestic Demand Surges After Holiday 2019-09-26
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Market Feeling Optimistic While the Entire PV Supply Chain Enjoys a Strong Demand 2019-09-19
Market demand momentum is becoming more and more obvious, orders are expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter 2019-09-12