Market Transactions Still Bearish, Strong Contrast between the Continuous Shortage of Wafers and the Decline in Cell Prices 2019-07-18
Market Demand Becomes Weak as Supply Rises, Price Outlook for Q3 Is Not Optimistic 2019-07-11
Installation Progress Slows Down after 630 Installation Rush, and Stable Market Prices Are Expected to Continue into the Next High Season 2019-07-04
Domestic PV Cell Price Drops, and the Focus of the Industry will Gradually Shift to the Chinese Market 2019-06-27
Silicon Price Becomes Unstable, and the Driving Force of Bifacial Modules Is Worth Looking Forward to 2019-06-20
Last Week’s Exhibition Craze Continues, and Each Sector of the Supply Chain Is Cautious about Price Competition 2019-06-13
Market Atmosphere Is Optimistic, and There Will Be No Off-season in 2H19 2019-06-06
PV Market Shows Slight Changes ahead of Annual PV Event; Annual Event to Boost Demand 2019-05-30
Gradual Warming of Demand Leads to the Start of Second- or Third-line Production Capacity, and Market Trend will Tend to Be Optimistic 2019-05-23
Polysilicon Price Slightly Changes with Stable Supply and Demand, and the German Exhibition Reveals Future Market Trend 2019-05-16
Supply and Demand of Polysilicon and Si-wafer Sectors Are Getting Tight, and End Market Will Focus on Price-performance Ratio 2019-05-09
Polysilicon Price Rises and Momentum after Policy Release Is Expected to Continue until 2H19 2019-05-02
Slump Period Has Become Shorter as China’s Latest Policies Spur Market Activities 2019-04-25
[0423-測試信-EN01]EnergyTrend Lithium Battery in IT Products and Power Application Market Report 2019-04-22
With Price Volatility, Stable Demand Is Expected to Lead to Market Boom 2019-04-18
Due to China’s Uncertain Policy, Overseas Demand Is Expected to Be the First to Be Released 2019-04-11
Market Conditions at Home and Abroad Are at Odds due to the New Tax System and Exchange Rate Changes 2019-03-28
Demand Slowdown and Rising Stock Levels Lead to Unstable Price Movements 2019-03-21
Demand Change Affects Downstream Market, and Mono-si and Multi-si Product Market Orientation Becomes more Obvious 2019-03-14
Demand Enters a Turning Point, and Subsequent Policies will Affect the Annual Number of Installations 2019-03-07