PV Manufacturers Adopt a Wait-and-See Attitude towards the Market; Si-wafer Quote Becomes the Focus: Price Trend

This week, manufacturers from the upstream and downstream still adopted a wait-and-see attitude towards the market. Although each sector had a new quote, the actual transaction number was low. The reason for this is that there was still room to wai.. more

Upstream Is in Short Supply, While Downstream Undergoes Inventory Digestion: Price Trend

The phenomenon of market demand has fermented, with the momentum originally expected to reflect only demand from the major or first-tier plants beginning to extend to second- and third-tier plants. For midstream and downstream cell modules, this wee.. more

Cobalt Prices Soared by More Than 20% in 1Q18, Bringing More Price Pressure to Lithium-ion Batteries

According to the latest data from EnergyTrend, a division of TrendForce, cobalt prices continued to rise in 2018 and soared by more than 20% in the first quarter. The rise of raw material prices results from short-term capital speculation and high supplier concentration. T.. more

Polysilicon Price Rises Slightly, While Inventory Levels Continue to Be Revised Downwards across the Supply Chain: Price Trend

Besides upstream polysilicon price, which has started to change, prices for the rest of the supply chain remained at the same level this week. However, the market has begun to see stock-up orders, reflected in the atmosphere of inventory digestion. .. more

PV Market Bounces Back; Price in Each Sector Will Start Increasing in April: Price Trend

This week, price trend became stable. Both polysilicon and PV cell quotes bounced back; owing to inventory digestion and market share competition for mono-si and multi-si wafer manufacturers, si-wafer price slightly declined. Yet, it is expected .. more

Restocking Trend Is Observed in the End Market; Prices Vary in Each Sector: Price Trend

The 630 installation rush of Chinese market started to stimulate the restocking demands from some dealers. Yet, owing to the different adjustments and releases of capacity for each sector on the supply chain and the unseen end demand, price trends .. more

Decrease of Polysilicon Material Price Slows down, yet Multi-Si Wafer Price Continues to Drop: Price Trend

In February, price reduction on the supply chain resulted from the weak demand on end market. Yet, the market rebounded in March. The pessimistic attitude disappeared. Each sector started to inquire about the lowest price actively. Thus, prices.. more