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Price Trend: Price Difference of Mono-si and Multi-si Wafers Narrows; Disruptive Policy Changes and Interaction between Supply and Demand Need to Be Viewed Rationally

Last week’s mono-si wafer price reduction effect continued to ferment this week, making the price difference between mono-si and multi-si wafers smaller. Multi-si wafer was still supported by market demand. The upstream supply was quite tight.. more

Price Trend: Impact of India’s Trade Barrier Is Limited under Initial Assessment, Market Demand Is Strong for Multi-si Products

Although the price of mono-si wafer fell again last week, the multi-si supply chain showed a strong price resilience this week due to steady demand, making the market’s atmosphere similar to last week. Meanwhile, India’s new trade barri.. more

Price Trend: Supply and Demand from Each Sector Change Massively, Demand Will Still Emerge in Q3

All parts of the supply chain were flexible this week: buyers of upstream polysilicon material have begun to negotiate prices for follow-up supplies. Besides, the production control of each plant was appropriate, resulting in a slight growth in pric.. more

Price Trend: Inventory Control of Multi-si Wafer Becomes Effective, Supply and Demand Show Balanced Outcome

The inventory control of upstream multi-si wafers has been effective. With international end demand support, si-wafer price fluctuation stabilized this week, affecting upstream polysilicon’s production start-up rate. In terms of downstream P.. more

Price Trend: Overall Supply and Demand on the Market Becomes Stable, Fluctuation on Chinese Market Extends to Overseas Market

The supply and demand on the market have reached a balance since last week. At this point, it isn’t necessarily beneficial to increase or decrease the capacity. Yet, due to the reappearance of stable orders on the market, the previous expansi.. more

Price Trend: Overseas Demand and Orders from Vertically Integrated Manufacturers Contribute to Price Stability

This week, prices of sectors presented mixed results. The upstream polysilicon companies kept their prices from dropping too much through proper overhaul and inventory reduction. The decrease in price for multi-si wafer last week resulted in the de.. more

Price Trend: Industry Enters a Period of Adjustments, Trend of the Strong Is Becoming More and More Obvious

The market is about to enter the third quarter of recuperation. All manufacturers have to come up with a solution to maintain their operations. The first-tier manufacturers have relied on the advantage of integrated resources from the upstream and .. more