Weekly Spot Prices From April 15th - 21st

published: 2015-04-23 18:00 | editor: | category: Price Trend

Polysilicon demand turned weak this week, leading to lower polysilicon prices, according to EnergyTrend’s investigation. Polysilicon prices dropped 1.2% to $16.4/kg.

Reflecting lower prices of raw material, multi-si wafer prices declined 0.59% to $0.843/piece; Mono-si wafer dropped 0.48% to $1.04/piece.

Due to weak overall demand, high-efficiency multi-si cell prices decreased 0.33% to $0.304/piece; Multi-si cell prices in Taiwan came to $0.293/w, while that in China stayed flat at $0.29/w. Although the number of module orders increased, 250w module prices dropped significantly because 255w module has gradually become the mainstream. Therefore, multi-si module price reached $0.54/w; Mono-si module demand and prices both remained low, with 265w module price reaching $0.605/w.

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