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CHT Expected to Replace 5,000 Units of Official Vehicles and Construction Vehicles

published: 2022-09-24 9:30 | editor | category: Analysis
CHT convened the 5G Plastic Free Day Initiative and Actions today (September 24th), where chairman Shieh Chi-Mau commented after the event that the company has been fully engaged in attaining ESG in response to the net-zero target of 2050, and aims to reduce 50% of carbon emission by 2030 that include 100% usage of renewable energy for all IDCs, implementing internet protocols for PSTN, and shutting down 3G mobile network. CHT will also invest in another NT$2.1 billion for replacing 1,500 official vehicles and construction vehicles primarily from domestic EV models. ...  more

Module Inflation is Now an Established Tendency

published: 2022-05-18 11:43 | editor | category: Analysis
InterSolar Europe was hosted at Munich of Germany on May 11th, where Chinese module makers successively debuted their new products amidst bustling crowds. Europe is vigorously planning for renewable energy development recently due...  more