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Wind Energy Powerhouse Looks to Develop Green Hydrogen as Denmark Invests in Electrolysis Plants

published: 2020-01-22 21:00 | editor | category: News
Wind power accounts for nearly 50% of all electricity in Denmark, which leads the world in wind power per capita. Now Denmark is looking to develop another type of green energy – hydrogen energy. The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities is set to invest DKK 128 million (~NT$570 million) in the construction of two large-scale electrolysis plants, in hopes that the country’s surplus of green energy can be used to facilitate hydrogen production. ...  more

Australia to Commercialize the World’s First Ultra High Capacity Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

published: 2020-01-21 21:00 | editor | category: News
Lithium-Sulfur (Li-S) batteries have long been regarded as the emerging star of the global battery market, as they boast a capacity that is nearly four times as large as that of a mainstream lithium battery. With the use of a lithium sulfur battery, a mobile phone could remain charged for as long as five continuous days. A research team from Australia’s Monash University was able to successfully develop a new lithium-sulfur battery model that features such a capability.  ...  more

Your Monday Briefings: All the Solar News (Week 4)

published: 2020-01-21 10:00 | editor | category: News
Regional Markets 1.  Austria Austria’s new administration has promised to fit 1 million roofs with PV installations by 2030.The Austrian government also pledged to obtain all the electricity from the renewables by 2030 and to make the Alpen country climate neutral by 2040. ...  more

UAE Set to Double Its Renewable Energy Portfolio in 10 Years

published: 2020-01-16 10:00 | editor | category: News
The United Arab Emirates is the rising star of clean energy in the region. Abu Dhabi’s solar power supply can cover around ~6% of the emirate’s demand for electricity in summer and 16% in winter currently. The Noor Abu Dhabi solar power plant (1,177MW), which is considered as the single largest solar farm on earth, has started its commercial operation since July 2019. ...  more