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PV Industry Price Trend: Cell Quotations Approach Cost Prices as M6 Cells and Modules Deplete Simultaneously

published: 2021-07-29 17:34 | editor | category: Price Trend
Polysilicon Polysilicon prices had been slightly adjusted this week, with no apparent elevation in transaction volume as the end of the month approaches. Having entered late July, partial first-tier polysilicon businesses have started the negotiation for August orders, and the price suppression from the wafer sector has been evident. ...  more

Tech Giants Facilitate Threefold Upgrades in Volvo’s EV Technology 

published: 2021-07-28 9:30 | editor | category: News
Volvo officially announced its new concept electric vehicle in an online presentation on July 1. In an effort to prepare for its comprehensive electrification strategy for 2030, the company has sought the help of tech giants such as Google, Nvidia, and Luminar to assist it with its integration of automotive software and hardware and to help it to further upgrade its automotive technology. ...  more

Aiko Solar Plans to Raise RMB 3.5 Billion for Capacity Expansion

published: 2021-07-28 9:30 | editor | category: News
Aiko Solar announced recently that it plans to raise RMB 3.5 billion in a private placement of Class A shares. Excluding the transaction fee, the net proceeds of the share placement will be used to build production capacity in the Chinese city of Zhuhai and Yiwu. The company plans to add 6.5GW in Zhuhai and 10GW in Yiwu. The first phase of the latter project will add 2GW. Aiko is a major Chinese manufacturer of PV cells with production bases in the Chinese provinces of Zhejiang and Guangdong. ...  more

Formosa 2 to Apply for the Second Project Extension as Pandemic Disrupts Offshore Wind Power Construction

published: 2021-07-26 9:30 | editor | category: News
The recent circulating rumor regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the construction progress of Taiwan’s Formosa 2 offshore wind farm project has derived concerns from the lead bank of syndicated loan, and may impact the implementation of renewable energy policies as well as the stability of subsequent power supply. ...  more

PV Industry Price Trend: Midstream Sector Continues with Inventory Reduction as Polysilicon Quotations Remain Sturdy on the Weaker End during Bargaining Phase

published: 2021-07-22 16:47 | editor | category: Price Trend
Polysilicon Polysilicon quotations had remained sturdy on the weaker end this week, with unabated pressure in price suppression from the downstream sector. Downstream wafer businesses have further lowered their prices recently, which is followed by a number of businesses, while the polysilicon sector continues to bargain with the downstream sector. ...  more

Austria Releases Brand New Low Cost “Buoyancy Energy Storage System” That Can Be Paired with Offshore Wind Power

published: 2021-07-22 9:30 | editor | category: News
Various energy storage systems have been invented in order to resolve the problem of intermittent power generation from renewable energy due to different weathers and seasons, and now the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) has proposed a pristine energy storage solution, which is the Buoyancy Energy Storage Technology (BEST) that stores a sizeable amount of electricity with a cheaper price. ...  more

Talesun Signs a US$40 Million Module Deal with ACISA

published: 2021-07-21 9:30 | editor | category: News
Zhongli Group announced that its subsidiary Talesun will supply PV modules to Aeronaval de Construcciones e Instalaciones SA (ACISA). ACISA is an EPC service provider under the ownership of Aldesa Group, which is a major Spanish construction company. Zhongli is a major Chinese provider of electric power equipment, and its subsidiary Talesun focuses on PV products. Under the sales agreement, Talesun will provide 170MW of modules to ACISA for US$40 million. ...  more