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Construction of Galp Energia’s 144MW Solar Project in Portugal Will Begin in April

published: 2021-04-12 9:30 | editor | category: News
Portuguese energy company Galp Energia announced on March 26 that it has awarded the construction contract for its first large-scale PV project in the home country to a consortium formed by Jayme da Costa and Visabeira. Jayme da Costa specializes in building power plants and has been heavily involved in the renewable energy industry. Visabeira is a conglomerate with interests across several industries. Like Galp Energia, both entities are based in Portugal. ...  more

GE: Blue Hydrogen and Natural Gas Will Portray Essential Roles in Energy Transformation for the Carbon Reduction Route of Asia-Pacific

published: 2021-04-09 9:30 | editor | category: News
The seeking for a more stable power generation system and energy configuration has become a major topic amidst the exacerbating status of extreme weather under global warming. US multinational conglomerate General Electric Company (GE) has proposed the three major concerns on energy of “reliability, cost, and eco-friendliness”, and believes that natural gas-hydrogen combined units and blue hydrogen are excellent options in energy transition in the midst of the global wave of energy transformation. ...  more

Advantech, thingnario Look to Dominate Green Energy Business via Taipower-Certified Full-Service Solution

published: 2021-04-08 9:30 | editor | category: News
As part of its latest attempt at dominating the green energy market and hot on the heels of its successful “distribution renewable energy equipment” certification by Taipower, major industrial computer manufacturer Advantech recently announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Taiwanese AI startup thingnario. ...  more

Nexamp Obtains a US$440 Million Credit Facility to Develop PV and Energy Storage Assets

published: 2021-04-06 9:30 | editor | category: News
Nexamp announced on March 8 that it had signed a debt financing agreement for a portfolio of PV generation and energy storage assets. With this agreement, the company will receive US$440 million in funding. As for the portfolio, the PV generation assets are estimated to have a total generation capacity of 380MW, while the energy storage assets are estimated to have a total storage capacity of 120MWh. Based in the US, Nexamp is a developer and operator of PV projects. Its official website states that it can handle every aspect of the project development process, including financing, design, EPC, and O&M. ...  more

Celebrating 50 Years of Operation, Delta Aims to Achieve 10% Market Shares in Electric Vehicle Drivetrain by 2030

published: 2021-04-05 9:30 | editor | category: News
Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company Delta is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary. Established half a century ago in 1971, Delta was listed in 1988, and surged from NT$7 billion then to NT$800 billion in market value during 2021. Hai Ying-chun, Chairman of Delta, commented that the achievements of the company today are not only the recognition of the investors, but also indicates that the company has been doing the right thing as shown from the surging market value. ...  more