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Highly Reliable Modules Bring Steady Cash Flow to PV Power Investors

published: 2019-05-10 14:14 | editor | category: News
Taiwan is expected to rank 10th place among the world's 16 GW-level PV markets in 2019, thanks to its sunny weather in subtropical region and supply of indigenous PV modules with highly reliable quality, which is critical for the operation and life of local PV power systems, given local island-type weather featuring high temperature and high humidity. ...  more

Price Trend: Supply and Demand of Polysilicon and Si-wafer Sectors Are Getting Tight, and End Market Will Focus on Price-performance Ratio

published: 2019-05-09 16:54 | editor | category: Price Trend
This week, the overall market atmosphere focused on the project content of domestic policy. The purchase standard of end-system manufacturers is based on the price-performance ratio which will be indicated with grid-parity. The interaction between the upstream polysilicon and si-wafer sectors is getting strained. The reduction of polysilicon supply and the decrease of the existing inventory of si-wafer were the cause of tension. ...  more

Brave C&H Launches Cutting-Edge F9900 Series ahead of 2H19

published: 2019-05-08 10:29 | editor | category: Interviews
Following four years of intensive research and development, Brave C&H Supply, a Taiwanese precision printing screen firm, has rolled out its cutting-edge PI process F9900 series, which has received a warm market reception and is expected to give the local PV industry a strong boost following its massive application in the second half of 2019. ...  more

Price Trend: Polysilicon Price Rises and Momentum after Policy Release Is Expected to Continue until 2H19

published: 2019-05-02 17:09 | editor | category: Price Trend
With the release of domestic policy and the arrival of holiday after the announcement, the overall market looked forward to the start of work after the holiday. Upstream polysilicon price continued to rise this week after last week’s rebound; the shortage of raw materials for si-wafer continued to expand, seemingly influenced by downstream PV cell; although downstream PV cell and module price didn’t increase completely, they were expected to develop differently after the holiday. ...  more