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”Gold Electrode” to Facilitate Solar Windows in Achieving New Conversion Record of 19.8% for Semi-Transparent Perovskite

published: 2021-06-25 9:30 | editor | category: News
Being the next generation high profile cell, there are numerous studies regarding perovskite solar, and US scientists have recently introduced a brand new ultra-thin gold electrode, which not only produced a record 19.8% semi-transparent perovskite cell when applied on perovskite solar, but also  achieved an efficiency of 28.3% when concatenated with silicon solar.  ...  more

Germany Plans to Increase Its Installed PV Generation Capacity to 150GW by 2030

published: 2021-06-25 9:30 | editor | category: News
Reuters and other news agencies have reported that the German government is drafting a “Climate Action Plan 2022” that aims to increase the domestic installed capacity for onshore wind generation to 95GW and the domestic installed capacity for PV generation to 150GW by 2030. The previous targets under EEG 2021 for onshore wind and solar PV were 71GW and 100GW respectively by 2030. The proposed plan, which includes other measures, represents the latest effort by the German government to expedite progress in expanding the share of renewable energies in the country’s electricity supply. ...  more

PV Industry Price Trend: Upstream Bargaining Becomes Key in Subsequent Market as Price Reduction Surfaces for Wafers, Cells, and Modules

published: 2021-06-24 17:36 | editor | category: Price Trend
Polysilicon  Polysilicon quotations started to stabilize this week, with fewer new orders. The purchase sentiment of the market has slightly recovered after the SNEC expo, and partial downstream businesses have successively united on suspending the procurement of high price polysilicon and requesting a price drop of the product, which explains how the downstream pressure is constantly ascending. ...  more

Abu Dhabi Ports Will Build a Hydrogen and Ammonia Production Base Powered by an 800MW Solar Power Plant

published: 2021-06-24 9:30 | editor | category: News
Abu Dhabi Ports, a government-backed entity that controls the seaports of the UAE, announced in late May that it will be investing around US$1 billion to build a green hydrogen and ammonia production base. The base will be located within Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi, which is close to Khalifa Port; and it will be powered by an 800MW solar power plant. ...  more

Orsted Proposes “3R” Wind Turbine Recycling to Prevent Decommissioned Blades from Entering Landfills

published: 2021-06-21 9:30 | editor | category: News
Major Danish offshore wind power supplier Orsted is dedicated in resolving the difficult recycling of wind turbine blades, and has recently proposed a 3R vision, where all decommissioned wind turbine blades will be reused, recycled, and recovered. The company believes that it is responsible for seeking recycling solutions for wind turbine blades.  ...  more