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Photovoltaic Industry Price Trend: Transfer of Partial Demand for Polysilicon and Wafers to Multi-Si Products amidst Continuous Inflation Unable to Alter the Predicament of the Supply Chain

published: 2021-03-18 17:40 | editor | category: Price Trend
Polysilicon Polysilicon quotations continued to elevate this week, though the actual transaction volume has been relatively insignificant. As most first-tier polysilicon businesses have fully signed for March orders, the polysilicon quotations this week are primarily targeted at a small number of sporadic orders, with a low level of concluded transactions, and do not affect the mainstream quotations of first-tier businesses. ...  more

Field Study Indicates that Frozen Wind Turbine Blades Result in 80% Reduction in Power Generation Volume

published: 2021-03-18 9:30 | editor | category: News
Are wind turbines afraid of the cold? Will frozen wind turbine blades derive any ramifications? The wind storm that raged Texas last month and resulted in the most severe power outage from the impact inflicted on wind and thermal power plants had prompted the society to ponder on the possible consequences of cold weather on wind turbines and the reasons behind. ...  more

LONGi Plans to Acquire a 27.25% Stake in CENTER Technology as Part of Its Strategy to Develop BIPV

published: 2021-03-17 9:30 | editor | category: News
Major Chinese PV product manufacturer LONGi announced on March 4 that it is proposing to obtain a 27.25% stake in CENTER Technology. Specifically, LONGi will be purchasing roughly 130 million shares of CENTER for a price of around RMB 1.635 billion. This translates to about RMB 12.5 per share. If this stock-for-cash deal goes through, LONGi will be the second-largest shareholder of CENTER. However, the transfer of shares will not alter the controlling interest of the company. ...  more

SENS and KGAL Will Expand Their Joint PV Projects in Sicily to 690MW

published: 2021-03-15 9:30 | editor | category: News
STEAG Solar Energy Solutions (SENS) announced in mid-February that the Sicilian PV projects that it is jointly developing with KGAL Investment Management (KGAL) will expand by 250MW to 690MW. SENS is a subsidiary of the STEAG Group that designs, constructs, and operates various types of power plants. KGAL is an investment firm that is involved in real estate and energy infrastructure. Both entities are based in Germany. ...  more

Photovoltaic Industry Price Trend: Downstream Sector Lowers Operating Rate and Continues Price Negotiation as Polysilicon Prices Decelerate in Inflation

published: 2021-03-12 9:30 | editor | category: Price Trend
Polysilicon Polysilicon quotations remained on the rising trend this week, though the degree of increase in the prices of mono polysilicon has slightly declined. The quotations from the industry chain have been actuated to a certain degree by the increase in multi polysilicon, especially with the rise in wafer quotations last week that has somewhat mitigated the cost pressure derived from the inflation of polysilicon. ...  more

EDP Group Establishes Two Business Units to Explore Opportunities in Green Hydrogen and Energy Storage

published: 2021-03-11 9:30 | editor | category: News
Portugal-based EDP Group announced on February 19 that it will establish two new business units. One of them will concentrate on the development of technologies related to green hydrogen, while the other will be targeting the market for energy storage. The EDP Group is a major European provider of energy solutions and has a presence in numerous regional markets. ...  more

B&S Power Holding and Sunnyfred Will Be Building West Africa’s Largest PV Power Station to Date in Nigeria

published: 2021-03-09 9:30 | editor | category: News
B&S Power Holding and Sunnyfred Global have sealed a deal to build a 200MW PV power station in Nigeria. Sunnyfred Global is a Nigerian investment entity, and B&S Power Holding is a Singapore-based developer of renewable energy projects. Greenplinth Africa, which serves as the promoter and strategic consultant of the project, stated via a press release that this PV power station will be the largest of its kind in the entire West Africa. ...  more

Global Market Directed at Exports to the US as Frozen Texas Sustains Chaotic Fuel Provision

published: 2021-03-08 9:30 | editor | category: News
The winter storm has sucker punched Texas, where severe winters are a rare sight, and has suspended the petroleum industry chain of the state that induced a sizeable void in the production capacity of oil refining for the US, which resulted in a chaotic status for the global tanker shipping as tankers carrying crude oil are now turning around swiftly. Simultaneously, the global market is currently targeted at the exports of gasoline and diesel to the US in order to replenish the void derived from the halted production of oil refining in Texas.   ...  more