Saft to Deliver Li-ion Battery Containers to Tri-Technic Inc. for Fort Hunter Liggett Energy Storage

Saft has been awarded a contract from Tri-Technic Inc. for the delivery of two Intensium® Max 20M (IM20M) battery containers to power the Fort Hunter Liggett grid energy storage system. The Fort Hunter Liggett energy storage unit was designated as a “N.. more

Saft Awarded Contract from Boeing for Li-ion Batteries to Power SES-9 Satellite

Saft, the world’s designer and manufacturer of high technology batteries for industry, has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract from Boeing to build Li-ion batteries for the new SES-9 satellite. The project kicked off in January 2013, with delivery scheduled.. more

The Development and Utilization of New LFPO Battery

Green-energy industry flourishes upon the development of diverse renewable energy applications that present a wide range of renewable energy solutions being customized by systems tailor-made for different market segments. Lithium battery cell and battery pack are two vital a.. more

EnergyTrend: Korea EV & Battery Exhibition 2012 (2)

EV Korea  continues to appeal to domestic and foreign buyers. Although the primary needs in Korea are demonstrative bus systems and demonstrative power reserve systems, Korea’s internal parts are greatly helped to connect with the international market. While .. more

WIA-Magna Powertrain and Hyundai Heavy Industries sign joint venture agreement

  Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. ,the world's largest shipbuilder by orders, said Monday it has set up a $200 million joint venture with Magna E-Car, a Canadian electric-car parts supplier, to develop batteries for electric vehicles.   The jo.. more

AllCell Launches Line of Standard Li-ion Battery Modules for Renewable Energy Storage

AllCell Technologies LLC announced the launch of a line of lithium-ion energy storage modules.  Based on the company’s proprietary thermal management technology, the modules deliver an industry-leading combination of energy density, cycle life, and safety.  .. more


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