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2023 PV Industry Monthly Price Report

published 2023 年 02 月 20 日 14:09 | editor | category Solar
1.  Spot Prices of Polysilicon for Current Month and Forecast for Next Month Mono Polysilicon/Multi Polysilicon Monthly Price Trend of Polysilicon 2. Spot Prices of Wafers for Current Month and Forecast for Next Month Multi-Si ...  more

When will the price of polysilicon return to the normal range?

published 2021 年 11 月 22 日 17:21 | editor | category News
Until the third quarter of 2021, prices of the whole supply chain of the photovoltaic industry have continuously raise. It is driven by the shortage of polysilicon, considering that polysilicon is the fundamental component of phot...  more

Photovoltaic Industry Price Trend: Downstream M6 Experiences Weakened Demand and Pressurized Prices Amidst Continuously Elevated Polysilicon Quotations

published 2021 年 01 月 13 日 16:54 | editor | category Price Trend
Polysilicon The purchase demand continues to flourish in the polysilicon market this week, where prices of polysilicon continue to rise. The continuance of rising prices in the polysilicon market is primarily invigorated by the demand for stocking and purchases from the downstream sector. ...  more

Buying war of silicon, wafers and pvglass

published 2020 年 12 月 08 日 17:32 | editor | category News
According to statistics, since January this year, companies have spent more than 92.7 billion yuan to lock in the supply of future raw materials, including more than 544,100 tons of silicon with the value more than 29.341 billion ...  more